President Trump Celebrates ‘Blue Wave Defeat’ with Long-Anticipated Firing

A.G. Sessions Touts Accomplishments in Resignation Letter

Washington Examiner, October 5, 2018

President Donald Trump’s first order of business today was to ax his appointed Attorney General, former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

For the last couple of weeks, President Donald Trump has been traveling nationwide energizing voters to turn out for Republican candidates. Ensuring no last-minute White House drama would interfere with this year’s midterms, Trump celebrated yesterday’s record turnout with a long-anticipated firing.

Sessions announced his resignation in a letter to President Donald Trump. He said the resignation came at “your request.” The resignation was effective immediately. According to a copy of the resignation letter, Sessions was asked to resign by Trump.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-N.C.) predicted Monday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would resign from his post and that a new attorney general would be leading the Justice Department by early next year.

Graham’s prediction however timely, was one of several similar predictions since Spring of 2017 when Sessions recused himself from the Mueller investigation, a decision that birthed a string of nasty insults on camera and via Twitter.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks during a news conference in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

“I have been honored to serve as attorney general and have worked to implement the law enforcement agenda based on the rule of law that formed a central part of your campaign for the presidency,” Sessions wrote.

In his letter to Trump, Sessions ticked off a list of accomplishments. But in the shaky year Sessions spent as Attorney General, Sessions worked to rapidly shift the Justice Department’s focus from Obama-era goals such as civil rights enforcement and criminal justice reform to conservative priorities.

A draft version of the department’s five-year strategic plan obtained by showed Sessions’ plans to crack down on undocumented immigrants, aggressively prosecute national security leaks, zero in on-campus speech issues, and restore the “rule of law” throughout the country.

Almost immediately after Sessions was sworn in, he rescinded an Obama administration memorandum to phase out the federal justice system’s use of private prisons. Sessions also “empowered” U.S. attorneys to seek the harshest penalties possible for drug crimes.

Sessions: “I took control of the Department of Justice the day I was sworn in”

Trump had been swayed by Sessions to delay criminal justice reform until after the midterm elections. But thanks to advocacy from senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, and Trump’s meeting with Kanye West among other things, Trump affirmed that should Sessions try to block any efforts in overhauling the criminal justice system, he’d be overruled by Trump himself.

Trump announced in a separate tweet that he was naming Sessions’ chief of staff Matthew Whitaker, a former United States attorney from Iowa, as acting attorney general. It is not currently known if Whitaker will replace Sessions long-term.