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Zuckerberg Survives 10-Hour Bipartisan Attack on Social Media

Provokes and Perplexes an Aging Congress

Variety Magazine. April 10, 2018

Watching the testimonies on both days, the impression was very much that Congress was grandstanding as a cohort, using Facebook, and Mark personally as scapegoats; deflecting attention from voters themselves, who were willing participants in a simply intelligent marketing strategy.


…constituents feel unjustly victimized — they exercised their own free will: liking, sharing, and otherwise affirming sinister political propaganda as it was curated for them.

…behavior shows that the privacy we demand as it pertains to our favorite bands, our relationship status, and DM contents is minimal. Most Americans are not nearly as paranoid about their data’s ownership, as they are embarrassed by their own data’s (lack of) substance., The Social Network Film



A collection of essays, testimonials, articles, and explainers about the American criminal legal system, and recent developments related to justice. Or…related to injustice, as it were.

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