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Coronavirus, a system error

By Slobodan Despot. Translated from Antipresse 230 | 26.4.2020.

The pandemic of this spring 2020 is not just a health issue. It may even be more socio-political than medical. The virus is coupled with a “system error” in all developed countries that has led to a panicky management of the crisis defying common sense. In this interview without masks or gloves, Dr Jean-Pierre Spinosa summarizes the health problem and outlines a possible therapeutic approach.

Jean-Pierre Spinosa, 23.4.2020. Photo SD.

Is it necessary to write a list? The disorganization of health services, the shortage of masks and disinfectant in the best-equipped countries, the war being waged on those seeking effective treatments for this disease without a hypothetical vaccine, the omission of the strengthening of individual immunity in practically all official communication on the subject, and finally the blatant inconsistency and stupidity of certain authorities mean that the epidemic can no longer be separated from a particularly dilapidated “civilizational” context.

The misadventure suffered by Swiss health anthropologist Jean-Dominique Michel is one of the best illustrations of this decay. When he was publishing an article now become viral,Playing down the current epidemic” (1), JDM tested positive and began therapy under the guidance of his treating physician. The sequence of events, which he detailed in his blog (2), is staggering. In a nutshell: the patient’s condition worsening, his doctor prescribed Dr Raoult’s treatment — which proved to be unavailable, as it was reserved for hospitals (where generally patients arrive in a condition too advanced for this therapy). Michel had to organize, via his wife, “an illegal transaction, at the edge of a parking lot” to obtain Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) and start his treatment at home. The result was that he was back on his feet on the sixth day.

Yes, this is 2020 in Switzerland, one of the most medicalized countries in the world!

What would have happened to Jean-Dominique Michel without this drug transaction at the edge of a parking lot? He must have asked himself that a thousand times before writing words as these:

Absurdity and monstrosity! At the end of his ordeal, this balanced mind published a poignant and frightening questioning of the reasons for the hydroxychloroquine blockage. Speaking of obstructions, we have since learned that the basic blood test for antibodies, as part of the detection of the virus, is not covered by Swiss health insurance! Individuals are charged for a basic gesture of collective health protection! This is simply unimaginable.

It is difficult, in the face of such facts, not to believe in conspiracies. To stay within the boundaries of reason, and not limit myself to my own speculations, I decided to give the floor to a doctor who is passionate about research, cancerology and biochemistry.

Since the beginning of this crisis, I’d been in conversation with Dr Jean-Pierre Spinosa. He is the author, with Catherine Riva, of a landmark book, even though it was stifled by the media: An Injection too many? (Xenia, 2010.) The rigorous analysis that the two authors provided at the time of the crisis of how the industry had “sold” a vaccine with questionable and contested efficacy to governments may help to understand some key aspects of the current crisis.

I asked him the questions that everyone is asking, from our retired parents to doctors in shock. On the basis of his experience, Dr Spinosa sketched out hypotheses guided by observation and common sense that at the very least deserve to be examined.

What are we dealing with?

Caption: Mortality statistics 2015–2017–2020 in Switzerland, according to the FSO. Apart from a time lag of about one month, the mortality in spring 2020 remains in line with previous years.

Long before this interview, Dr Spinosa, who closely follows events in his home country, Italy, had drawn my attention to the media dramatization of what was happening there. The truly critical situation in Bergamo was used as a paradigm of the seriousness of the scourge — so much so that the CBS channel, in a crude and unsanctioned “fake news”, has used images from Bergamo to illustrate the crisis… in the United States. In this confusion, no one wondered why the other regions of Italy were much less affected. The focus on the virus invoked as an incantation masked all the other parameters of the Bergamo tragedy: the fact that the air in the highly industrialized Po Valley was the most polluted in Europe, that the health system was seriously deficient… but also that it boasted of having massively vaccinated the elderly in several waves in previous years. It was as if somebody wanted to put Italy and the whole of Europe in the “all-out panic” mode denounced by the statistician W. M. Briggs.

When Hippocrates’s medicine gave way to spreadsheet medicine…

How do you explain these mistakes in the treatment of a disease that may ultimately prove to be quite manageable?

An anomaly called Raoult

And yet the only treatment that seems to be working so far is antibiotics…

There’s something surprisingly mechanical and even antimedical about this protocol approach to medicine…

The Lessons of HPV

The structure of the problem is therefore beginning to emerge: comprehensive health management is like a pyramid of national sub-pyramids. Decisions taken at the top, which must be accepted as unquestionable truths, cascade down the ladder to your family doctor. It was by studying how states were convinced, from top to bottom, of the need for Gardasil, the “vaccine against cervical cancer” caused by the papillomavirus (HPV), that Jean-Pierre Spinosa understood the calamitous mechanics of failure in the face of the coronavirus of 2020. A mechanism of bureaucratization on a governmental and planetary scale coupled with dispossession. The mastery of the medical art is no longer in the hands of doctors.

But if this lead were to be confirmed, the treatment of COVID-19 would have to change dramatically…

Who’s the murderer, after all?

For many weeks, Dr Spinosa had been tracking a publication that allowed him, like HPV and the vaginal microbiota, to identify this bacterium named Prevotella. Bernard Dugué had also spotted the possible assassin. Reactions in the medical and media mainstream were not long in coming: “Fake news!” Even before EBM had made its first attempt on this channel, it was blocked because it was contrary to WHO recommendations. It is as if an attempt was being made to rule out, as they appear, all alternatives to universal and compulsory vaccination — with a vaccine that does not yet exist!

Will reality be stronger than ideology, bureaucratic interference and conflicts of interest? We will see in the coming months, but the battle has begun. Our entire future may depend on it. We can emerge from this ordeal through health and medical means by identifying effective therapies and rebuilding health systems that are clearly devastated. But we can also get out of it technologically by introducing widespread population surveillance “for security’s sake”. After COVID-19, we’ll have VIDCO-21, DIVOC-23… there’s no reason why the scarecrow trail should stop.

What would the technological outcome so fervently favoured by the ruling elites bring us? Apart from the civic regression that would make us de facto renounce human rights and freedom of thought and accept a lasting infantilization, it would be a rather saddening insight, as expressed at the end of our interview by Dr Spinosa:


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