Join us for “Co-Designing for Racial Equity”

The Antiracist Classroom is hosting Reconstructing Practice July 13th -14th. Over the next few weeks we will share profiles of the impressive group of creatives that will facilitate sessions and share work at the convening this July.

“Co-Designing for Racial Equity” Erika Harano, Associate Manager, Learning and Education at Creative Reaction Lab, Quinton Ward, Community Design Apprentice , Andra Lang, Community Design Apprentice
The Community Design Apprentices program trains in Equity-Centered Community Design to (1) examine how historical and systemic oppression has impacted transit and mobility in Kingshighway/Fairground, (2) conduct a community audit to understand the impact that transit, or lack thereof, has had on resident quality of life, and (3) (re)imagine how public transit access could improve quality of life.
Quinton Ward, Community Design Apprentice, Andra Lang, Community Design Apprentice



We aim to create a space for students who want to find, create, and engage in opportunities for student activism around issues of racism and white supremacy in the classroom and in design practice.

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