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Antler Australia launches its first multi-city cohort with 80 founders across Sydney and Melbourne

Sydney-based Founders on Day 1

Antler Australia’s fifth cohort has kicked off with eighty founders running across two locations, Sydney and Melbourne. Here’s who they are and what you need to know about this group of exceptional people.

Eighty founders have embarked on their journey with Antler to build and scale a new company or further validate and accelerate an existing one as part of Antler Australia’s June 2021 cohort.

Unperturbed by the ongoing uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic, these entrepreneurs are seeking to solve an unmet customer need they have identified or to utilise a technology yet to be harnessed in their field.

From ~1,000 applications, 480 interviews to select 80 founders — here’s a look at who they are.

Business builders

🚀 48% previously founded a company

📈 10% have exited a company as founder or director that reached USD$1m annual revenue or received VC funding

🙋 62% have worked in a startup

Education and commercial experience

💼11 years of average work experience

👩‍🎓 32% hold a Masters and 7% PhD

Diversity of skills and backgrounds

🌍 50% hold non-Australian nationality

👇 They hold a wide range of cross-industry experience

How do the entrepreneurs feel about embarking on this journey with Antler?

Jamie Turner is excited to get started and learn about others in the program.

What an incredible collection of diverse talent has been selected to join our cohort,” he says.

“I feel privileged and inspired to be able to join [them on the] Antler.”

Enguerrand Vidor, describing their past experience or why they were selected for the program, joined Antler for a few reasons. The main ones being:

“I just finished an M&A Due diligence to sell my ‘travel tech startup and have resigned from two of my Board member positions in Europe,” he says.

“Now, I have a few ideas/projects I would like to present at Antler (1 in Luxury/Blockchain, 1 in Proptech, and 1 in Fintech).”

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, he hopes to find a complementary co-founder to build a business with.

“My aim is to find a co-founder I can align with, I trust and who understands both the market and the technology behind our product/services. I’m also super keen to be challenged and to join another project if I believe in it (with a true purpose).”

What will the Founders be doing over the coming weeks?

Each week building a business with Antler, the founders focus on different steps of company building to help them secure Antler’s investment. These cover startup strategy, product building, legal matters, VC funding, and pitching. In the first week, the focus will be on meeting one another to understand the skills and backgrounds of fellow founders.

As a point of difference to prior cohorts, this group also consists of early-stage businesses. During their time with Antler, they are seeking to build within our community, fine-tune their business model and perhaps attract an additional co-founder.

Over the next 12 weeks, these 80 founders will form or grow their teams, validate ideas, and then pitch to Antler for pre-seed investment. Following Antler’s funding, the successful founders will then work towards building their MVP or further advancing development, making first hires and attracting first customers or growing their existing customer base. When ready, we will plug them into our global infrastructure for continued fundraising and international scaling.

To date, Antler Australia has invested in 47 companies covering SaaS, HR Tech, Deep Tech, Impact and beyond. Many of these companies, in less than 18 months, have reached validations of over AU$10m and have made 10+ hires.

You can check out our local and global portfolio here.

Written by Adele Moynihan VP, Founder Scouting and Program, Antler Australia. Adele has been with Antler since its inception in Australia and leads their founder sourcing and assessment strategy and the programmatic handling of existing businesses.

Antler enables exceptional people to create exceptional companies. Antler is currently taking applications for its sixth Australian cohort, working with individuals and existing businesses. If you want to build your company with Antler apply now!



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