EZiD is making it easier for developers to build passwordless login flows for websites

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EZiD is on a mission to reinvent signup and login with new passwordless technology.

The SaaS startup helps developers build passwordless signups and login flows for their website, focusing on super easy integration, biometrics first authentication, and customer experience.

The customisable offerings allow dev teams to choose what authentication solution works best for their business, ensuring compliant and secure technology, and scalable products that can grow with a company’s needs.

Co-founders Prashant Murali, Jason Chee, and Dhruv Tekchandani built EZiD with Antler, following which it secured Pre-Seed investment from the VC.

Commenting on the investment, Anthony Millet, Global Partner of Antler says the EZiD team knows the market and pain points of potential customers.

“In their previous roles, the founders saw this problem firsthand spending countless hours perfecting password reset flows rather than solving the root cause with a focus on the end-user experience,” says Millet.

“EZiD is at the cutting edge of passwordless authentication, applying its domain expertise in building customer identity solutions, engineering and growing B2B products to deliver password elimination.”

“Our addressable market is $35 billion, growing at 29% CAGR,” says Murali. “We believe our platform-agnostic, globally scalable solution will capture a large market share with minimal overheads.

“Importantly, our business has been global from day one — we are beta testing with customers globally to make sure that what we build today will scale to a global customer base easily. Leaning into our global ambition, we are architecting the product for product-led growth pricing and product mechanisms to promote virality via the natural sharing of our solution.

“While competitors provide different ways to signup and log in, our focus is allowing users to signup or log in through device-local biometrics. As companies move away from passwords and social sign-in, we are bullish on the future of biometrics as more hardware enables this type of authentication. Our goal is to make biometric authentication mainstream and be the global leader in this auth method.”

And the team is making significant traction, quickly.

In just four weeks, EZiD has attracted interest from businesses in Australia, Singapore, Norway, and Sweden, and built a Proof Of Concept for their first two features.

From here, Murali says the team will use Antler’s investment to continue to “achieve our GTM, build our product and get traction globally”.

He says: “Not only are we using the funding to build our product closely with businesses, but we are using Antler’s experience and networks to truly be global from day one.”

Learn more about EZiD here.

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