3 Algorithms Per Week


What are Algorithms?

Google gives us the first result as below when we search the term “Algorithm”:

Google Result for: Algorithm

Surely I didn’t understand what it really meant the first time I read this, and yet it is a very important part of our lives, especially for the developers.

Name any company in the IT sector, from Google, Microsoft, Facebook to Infosys and TCS, every one of them asks questions based on algorithms and data structures in their interviews.

Algorithm is nothing but logic or steps to solve a given problem. Be it sorting of numbers in non increasing order or finding the shortest path from your home to your college on Google Maps, algorithms are everywhere.

Why know about Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA)?

So, why do these tech companies emphasise on learning DSA?

In todays fast paced and every growing world speed and space are very important. We want speed to get our google search results quickly, get faster to the destination location and we want space efficiency so that the apps on our phones don’t occupy our mobile memory or manage the BigData that we have. This is where Data structures and Algorithms comes to the rescue.

They give us elegant ways to solve a problem in an efficient manner with more speed and less space. Knowing these Data Structures and Algorithms gives the developer the ability to improve the performance of their application and hence reduce the cost.

If the developer does not know about them then they might not be able to make an efficient solution or might not even be able solve the problem at all.

What is 3 Algorithms Per Week (3APW)?

3APW is a blog where every week I will post about 3 new algorithms, their application, how do they work, their efficiency and finally their code to help you understand them better.

I will also post about the relevant Data Structures which are required for better understanding of the topic including resources which you can refer for further reading or video lectures if required.

The posts will start from the basics and will increase in complexity as time passes.

I will cover topics such as Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs, Hash Maps, and all their relevant algorithms. Don’t worry if this is the first time you have heard of these terms, every week you’ll get one step closer to your dream job and improve yourself.

My blog will be at: https://3apw.blogspot.com

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Hope to see you there! :)

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