My Software Engineering Intern Interview Experience with Google

I applied for Software Engineering Summer Intern 2017 Google Japan, position from Google Jobs website in December 2016. They were accepting applications every month out of which they gave out the result in the next month and selected candidates for the next step.

I got their email with the Subject: “Google Japan — Next steps on your application” and I knew this was the big chance that I wanted. They wanted to schedule an online assessment, a coding round of 2 hours, with me. The score of the quiz along with my resume would then decide for further interviews.

I prepared for the online quiz day and night. Doing Algorithms and Data structures from books and online websites (I’ll mention the resources at the end of this post).

I practiced coding the algorithms in my preferred language, Python 3, and made a Github repository for helping others with their interview preparations.

The repo is one of the only resources you might need for preparing for a technical interview as far as coding questions are concerned.

I cleared the online quiz easily in just 1 hour satisfying all the test cases 20/20. The coding environment was similar to Google APAC Test (now known as Kickstart). The questions were based on Graph and Distance between 2 points algorithms.

I got the email saying that they would like to schedule a technical phone interview with me.

The phone interview was interesting where I was asked about my projects and 2 Algorithms based coding questions one of which needed good knowledge of probability.

They liked my first interview and scheduled for the second Google hangout Interview. They asked me about my projects and then coding questions on pointers in C and another fairly easy question on arrays.

Finally I got an email saying that the hiring team has decided not to move forward with my application.

It was a great experience interview at Google. I enjoyed the process and learned a lot of new things while preparing for it.

Will try again next year with more hard work and better preparation... 😄

Some of the resources you might find helpful in preparing for technical interviews are:

  1. Data Structures & Algorithms In Python
  2. Geeks For Geeks
  3. TopCoder Tutorials
  4. Big O Cheatsheet
  5. Cracking the Coding Interview Book
  6. CLRS Introduction to Algorithms

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