Tips when getting started in the World of Coding

Here are some things I did not know to do when I first got into computing and that anyone looking to get into this world should:

Learn how to use Git → Not just know what it is. Use it for any projects you are working on. In fact, create a Github Account and play around with some open source projects online for inspiration.

Experiment. A lot. → In my experience, a great deal of trial and error on your computer with different types of web technologies starts to help develop a decent base of understanding for many sub-fields in Computing.

Don’t get hung up on the meaningless code that does nothing. → What I mean by this is to not get hung up on code for code’s sake that cannot do anything. For example, creating a Java Class that can print out different Strings is all fine and dandy when learning how it works, but you have to quickly move away from that to more project and package based programming to truly understand the ecosystem and bigger picture a single class or function is in.

Get Into Hardware Manipulations using Software. ASAP. → How cool is it when the code you create has a tangible “real life” output? Very. Learn how to connect hardware to your software to actually do something. Great way to learn hardware and wiring while at the same time improving your technology skills. I recommend an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Also, if your school has a Robotics Team, JOIN!

Doing these things will make you a much stronger coder and are all things I wish I had started at a younger age. Even now, I see coders much older than me who don’t know how to use Git or how to work with Hardware.