What I think of Director Comey’s Testimony

On Thursday, June 8th 2017, Former FBI Director James Comey testified to Congress regarding his interactions with President Donald Trump. Comey went on testify, both verbally and in a 7 page collection of written memos, that President Trump had attempted to pressure him into “letting go” of the Investigation into General Flynn, the embattled ex-White House aide who illegally communicated with the Russians. Comey also, under oath, went on to testify that the nature of President Trump is that of a liar and that President Trump knew he was doing something wrong when he met with Comey in private. Comey also indirectly confirmed that there is an active FBI Investigation in place regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

While many republicans decided to focus on the words Trump said by saying that his “hope” was not a order and therefore not obstruction of justice, that logic is to me, patently ridiculous. The entire context of the situation is being ignored if you solely focus on the fact that Trump said he “hoped” that Comey would let the matter go. When a manager tells one of his workers that he “hopes” that he will work on something or another, it is recognized between all parties that that is a directive in that specific context.

Director Comey, I believe, caught Donald Trump off guard with the first release of one of his memos a few weeks ago. Trump later publicly threatened Comey with the potential of releasing secret tapes of all of their conversations. Comey, in his testimony, challenged Trump to in fact, release all the tapes, if they did exist.

Comey also made it clear, on no uncertain terms, that he is 100% sure of the reasoning behind his sudden dismissal as head of the FBI and portrayed Trump in a negative light by recalling Trump asking for absolute “loyalty” from Director Comey indirectly regarding the Russia Investigation.

What really makes me mad about this situation is the blatant hypocrisy that rests in America. Could you imagine these same Republicans defending Trump defending Obama for making the same mistake? No, they would not, because Obama would never do something that ridiculous but more importantly because they are very hypocritical.

No matter what is said against Trump or how much evidence is against him in whatever illegal thing he has done in any given week, nothing will ever stick because half of Congress is afraid of the electoral repercussions if they do side against Trump. Even if Trump is found guilty of Obstruction of Justice, the only hope America has of actually rallying Congress to have the guts to punish him is if the Russia Investigation actually finds ties between the Trump campaign team and Russian Hackers and Trump was generally aware of such ties. Other than that, expect another 3 1/2 years of shaking your head in fury and disgust to the stupidity of it all.