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Anxious in NYC

Are you mentally ready for the Election?

Mentally Preparing for the 2020 Election

It’s just days away until we learn who will lead our country for the next four years. Despite your political leanings, the anxiety and stress caused by the pending outcome (or immediate lack thereof) will impact most of us. What are some ways we can prepare ourselves for either result:

  1. — This year (more than ever before), we are receiving political news and opinions as if from a firehose, which directly impacts our anxiety and general mental health. Plan for a “healthy” amount of time each day YOU can handle this content.
  2. Even if you have never meditated, it can be a powerful tool to calm the mind via breathing exercises. I recommend Insight Timer as a great selection of content despite your experience. I guess that around the days of the election, they will have meditations about anxiety and powerlessness.
  3. I like to bookend those kinds of conversations, with an opening of intention to be kind and closing with a little gift for my endurance. For me, that would be a giant chocolate chip cookie.
  4. — right after the election result, be sure to spend some time alone with your feelings. We should give them the attention they deserve and observing what we have to learn from them.

Let’s all prepare for the election and come away with the best emotional, political reaction in 2020!

To learn more about these skills, contact us at Lincoln Square Psychotherapy.



Dealing with the stresses and anxieties of living in NYC

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