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26 Amazing (Or Not) Things That We All Can Do During Humanity’s Downtime

Image by kewl from Pixabay
  1. Make phone calls to your friends and relatives with whom you have not spoken for eons. Even better get onto video calls with them to see how they have changed in shape & size
  2. Pull out your board games that have been locked away in your attics & basements. Since you would have been so out of touch with those, you would have to practice for a few days to get to the top of your game. Tip — Get your Monopoly game out. When you are thinking about money, you ain’t gonna think about the Virus
  3. Invite your neighbor over. Open that wine bottle that you have always been wanting to. And please don’t wear that mask while having your drink..! Sure keep some distance while having the drink. I did the same with a friend couple of days back, and we both were very thankful that we sat down for a drink and a chat
  4. Repair things that have been broken and you have not bothered to fix it due to lack of time. That includes your relationships. You have all the time in the world now.
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