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Your Kids Need To Sleep For Atleast 8 Hours. Otherwise, The Consequences Are Quite Severe.

Introducing You To The Concept Of Sleep

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  • Routinely sleeping less than six or seven hours a night demolishes your immune system (yup, more than you can ever imagine) and more than doubles your risk of cancer.
  • Insufficient sleep is a key lifestyle factor determining whether or not you will develop Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Inadequate sleep — even moderate reductions for just one week — disrupts blood sugar levels so profoundly that you would be classified as pre-diabetic. No wonder Diabetes is the leading cause of many health issues that our humanity is facing today.
  • Short sleeping increases the likelihood of your coronary arteries becoming blocked and brittle, setting you on a path toward cardiovascular disease, stroke, and congestive heart failure.
Credits — Dr. Matthew Walker Book — Why We Sleep?
  • The first function involves nursing their emotional and mental health.
  • The second is problem solving and creativity, the power of which some individuals try to harness more fully by controlling their dreams (which I am not covering today to avoid the risk of lengthening the article. I don’t you to put you off to sleep while reading an article about sleep).

REM Sleep For Emotional & Mental Health

But What Is Currently Happening To Our Children?

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We Need To Wake Up From Our Sleep

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Final Thoughts

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  • Joe Rogan's conversation with Dr. Matthew Walker on YouTube.
  • Andrew Huberman's conversation with Dr. Matthew Walker on Youtube.
  • Dr. Matthew Walker's book — Why We Sleep?



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