Why You Need to Write Your Own Job Application Rejection Email

Know Your Worth in Every Situation.

L.B. Lewis
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2 min readSep 29, 2022


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They used to say write a cover letter.

Now they say don’t write a cover letter.


Because no human reads them.

Well, how about rejection emails?

Seems like no human is writing those, but I read them.

All of them.

So, let me throw something radical out there.

I’m a supporter of writing my own rejections.

Just like in days gone by when you share a well-crafted cover letter, let’s fill that random robot box with how you’d like to be rejected.

I’m no psychologist. This is no TedTalk.

But, rejection is my new love language…and I want to make sure I get the love I need from being rejected.

After all, if you love someone, set them free.

Here’s an example:

“Dear L.B.,

Everyone here knows you are the most qualified candidate but we can’t afford your brilliance right now and we know you won’t settle. We look forward to following your success on all major networks.

Here’s $5k to keep up the good work.”

Now that’s the perfect way to reject someone.

Know your worth in every situation.

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About the author: L.B. Lewis is the author of “Small Talk with Myself,” an award-winning, comedic memoir. She’s producing new content under Monte Cristo Studio, LLC and also available for collaboration in July 2023.



L.B. Lewis
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