Trump budget misses opportunity to support computer science

Today, the Trump administration revealed an initial budget to support their vision for the future. We’ve eagerly awaited the draft to see how the President would implement his 100-day commitment to “expand vocational and technical education” as part of his plan for K-12 schools.

We’ve asked the administration to consider targeted funding to expand computer science education in K-12, because an investment as small as $400M could unlock a trillion dollars in opportunity for the United States while also helping to secure our nation from the looming cyber threat (more info).

We’re disappointed to learn that the President’s budget does not reflect this 100-day commitment right now.

The biggest issue in expanding computer science is a lack of access to teachers prepared to teach high-quality courses in our K-12 schools. Students want to learn computer science, but schools can’t teach it without computer science teachers. We’ve now proven at scale that preparing in-service teachers through professional learning is the fastest and most cost-effective way to solve this problem, and this solution now needs funding support.

We’re also disappointed to see the budget’s large cuts to education programs supporting education in the states. When Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act, the Advocacy Coalition worked with Congress to ensure states and school districts would have the flexibility to use federal funding to expand computer science. We hear from dozens of states and hundreds of schools districts that they want more resources for expanding K-12 computer science and more flexibility to do so, not less.

We will continue advocating for federal funding to ensure that every student, in every school, has the opportunity to learn computer science.

Cameron Wilson,