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Susie Pinon
Anyone Can Write Online
6 min readNov 28, 2021


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Getting started as a writer isn’t easy. I know, I have been there. And sometimes it’s hard to remember that the top dogs on Medium who rake in literally 20k per month once started with zero followers, zero stories, and not even a morsel of an idea of what to make of this platform.

If I have learned anything throughout my past two years on Medium, it is that self-promotion is incredibly important. If we don’t promote ourselves, then who will? How will we be discovered?

It can be an uncomfortable or even awkward feeling to “gas” yourself, as the kids say. And sharing every single thing you have ever published to your Facebook newsfeed is definitely not the answer.

I am not discouraging you from sharing your work across social media. I’ll share maybe an article a month, one that I feel targets a very broad audience. It doesn’t matter if it’s evergreen or time-sensitive. I am just very careful with how much I share. If you share excessively, people will start to ignore your posts and tune them out. …just like when you see an annoying ad for the 15th time over the course of the week. You tend to ignore it.

Share Where Members Will See

Remember, when non-Medium members read your piece, you are not earning a cent (unless they end up converting, which is far and few in between.)

I share to Facebook for the sake of helping others and entertainment. I also want people I know to associate my name with that of a writer. If they or someone they know needs a writing service, perhaps they will consider me, someone they know in real life and can trust.

So what’s the alternative?

Many Stories

Many Stories by Smedian Network is a platform that is connected to Medium. It is a place where you can share literally any and every story, and add appropriate tags to help readers find it. You can also add more than five tags.

You can follow others and people can follow you. You can even add the stories you share to a “Collection,” which is similar to the “Lists” feature on Medium.



Susie Pinon
Anyone Can Write Online

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