Is Writing My Passion?

I am not a passionate person. It is telling that philosophers of stoicism inspire me more than individuals of our current age. Even as a child, my parents would celebrate if I expressed any kind of emotion positively or negatively as a window into my mind.

Little did they, or most people throughout my life, know that if they had read any of my volumes of journals, they would have truly learned about who I am.

Still, a recent conversation with a friend led to this inevitable use of the word “passion” in reference to me deciding to focus more on my writing — my only lingering desire to do with my life since childhood. He said, “When you find what you are passionate about doing, you should do it.”

It’s not the first time that someone has referred to my decision to write as “following my passion.” In turn, it is not the first time that I have paused and even balked at its application to the act of writing for me.

Is writing my passion?


Honestly, I think quite possibly, “passion” is just an inadequate description of what writing means to me. Writing is breathing. When I don’t write, I feel suffocated, constricted, and as if a piece of me is dying. So, to merely refer to it as a passion seems…insufficient and disrespectful.

At the age of 8, I began to write the first of many many journals. In college, I began to write a draft of a novel that only now in my 40s am I picking up again to finish. In my 20s, I wrote and published a short story; started a few blogs including my personal one that I still post on today; and toyed with the idea of becoming a travel writer. In my 30s, I went academic and published in journals and books. Now, in my 40s, I am mostly free of all the usual strings that keep one from writing if it was allowed to be thrown by the wayside instead of becoming a profession. So, I am writing — a lot.

With determination and discipline, I plan to have a completed novel by the end of the year. I am submitting individual essays here and there in hopes of just getting my name out there to build up that writing resume.

Mostly, though, I am just passionately breathing as I open 📖 the sunshine ☀️ into my heart ❤️ to tell the stories📚 I have waiting to be told.



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The OSH Writer

The OSH Writer

📖☀️❤️ Exploring cafes (mostly) and places where the muses give me inspiration to write and share the stories 📖 that open the sunshine ☀️ into the heart ❤️.