New Writer- 6 Best Content Writing Tips To Win Clients

#2 Do your research on your client.

New Writer- 6 Best Content Writing Tips To Win Clients
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Have you ever felt your time was robbed when you read specific articles or blog posts online giving writing advice?

It was a bummer today as I read three back-to-back articles on ‘How to write great content online.’ It is agonizing when these 500-word pieces are half-baked, leaving the reader scratching their head.

I want to say to you — the new writer on Medium.

Please don’t give generic advice. Be specific.

If you are a beginner content writer looking to improve your writing skills to win your first client, this article — New Writer- 6 Best Content Writing Tips To Win Clients, is for you.

This article will not just introduce you to the top 6 content writing tips but also aid you with kick-ass examples to make your content engaging, educational, and inspiring.


Before we talk about how to write good web content that makes you money, let’s understand what is content writing.

What is content writing?

In this article, the words that are on this page is content.

In other words, content writing is the art of indulging in creating and writing content that serves some secondary commercial purpose, such as raising awareness of a product, getting email signups, or driving traffic to another website.

Whether you write articles, emails, social media captions, newsletters, or even audio-visual content — it’s about connecting to the customer, the client, and the topic or product for which the content is dedicated.

Hence, tapping into human psychology.

Great examples of content writing include Aytekin Tank’s articles, which revolve around his product Jotform. His articles tell a compelling story with the intent to raise awareness and interest in his commercial product ultimately. Everyone benefits — the reader gets a great story and finds a product they might like; Tank receives an audience of readers who have self-selected as people potentially interested in the problems his product solves. (source:

New Writer- 6 Best Content Writing Tips To Win Clients

New Writer- 6 Best Content Writing Tips To Win Clients

1. Who is your reader?

As I said above, content writing is designed to entertain, solve a problem, engage, or inform a reader. You can’t do that if you don’t know who your reader is.

Let’s work through an example. Let’s say you got hired by a client who sells dog toys to produce content that will help convert readers into potential buyers.

These are the kind of questions you will research…

What is this reader’s main point? What is their lifestyle? What are they googling? You try to create content that will speak directly to that person. Examples might include:

  • 5 Dog Toys That Are 100% Safe For Dogs to Chew On
  • 17 Dog Toys That Will Keep Your Bored Dog Entertained
  • 7 Tricks & Tips To Train Your Dog To Not bark At Strangers

Pro tip: Talk to one person. Not to the entire audience. Make it personal.

2. Do your research on your client.

Another critical aspect of creating quality content is having an in-depth understanding of the person or company who’s hired you. This lets you create content that fits their branding and style and that they’ll be happy with.

Pro tip: No matter what content writing format you use, always put your reader first, followed by the client.

For example, a client will want you to go in for a harder sell. A reader obviously does not want to be bombarded with an ad when they think they are reading something worthwhile. You have to find a balance between the two to create content that resonates and is shared by many.

3. Write compelling copy.

Too many content writing tips focus on the mechanics of the content. Like, does your writing answer a reader’s problem or question? Will your client be happy with what you’ve produced?

But the best content writing tips go beyond that. They help you create written content that is compelling.

How do you make your content compelling?

Ask yourself these questions —

  • How can you get a reader to click?
  • How can you deliver on your promise?
  • What is it for the reader in the article?
  • Is your reader going away feeling satisfied?

If your answer is yes, you are on the path to building your readership.

Let’s discuss Neil Patel’s article ‘The 10 Ingredients of Great Content Writing.’ Neil gives the reader a click-worthy headline, gripping introduction (hook) that compels you to read further, graphical representation to support his research, and unique pointers that help them take immediate action.

4. Narrow your article’s focus

Each article should have a single clear idea from the headline to conclusion.

Following this approach can help you form more logical arguments, write content that flows naturally, and give your readers clear takeaways.

Let’s work through an example —

While writing content on dog toys for your client, instead of writing about ‘5 Dog Toys That Are 100% Safe For Dogs to Chew On,’ your copy focuses on this one dog toy that is 100% safe and has durability and satisfaction guarantee.

Pro tip: By narrowing your focus, you could provide real value around a specific topic or product.

4. Think about your takeaway: what do you want your reader to do after they finish reading?

All content writing is geared to make the reader take some kind of action, like signing up, downloading, learning more, etc. But to make that happen, you need to connect with the reader at a human level.

When you create content, make sure you hone in on the feeling you want your reader to associate your content with. The action you want them to take.

Pro tip: There’s no better place where you get to control that than the conclusion.

Going back to my dog example, let’s say I want my reader to feel full of love for their dog and excited to make their pet happy. I might write a conclusion that pulls on their heartstrings by talking about my love for my dog or how amazing dogs are and how happy they make humans.

5. Add trust factors

As a content writer — Why should readers choose your content over anyone else’s?

There are likely hundreds of articles covering similar topics to your niche.

Therefore, one of the best ways to stand out from your competitors is to make your content trustworthy. If people know your content is well-researched and authoritative, they’re more likely to click on it.

You have to start somewhere to prove your worth. Backlinks are an excellent place to start. Focus on these two points:

  • Support the points in your content by linking out to authoritative sources. Linking to mainstream media sources, government sites, universities, and high-profile brands could make your content writing more credible.
  • Get credible sites to link to your content. Neil Patel explains ‘How to Get Backlinks for a New Site with No Money.’

Pro tip: Backlinks help you gain people’s trust. As a bonus, it can help you rank better in organic search.

6. Consider SEO writing.

Google is getting better with its search engine optimization algorithms every year. Gone are the days when you could stuff your content with keywords or hack your backlinks, but now you won’t go far. You have to actually write good content to rank.

That being said, content writing tips for SEO are still good to go over. I typically ensure that:

  • I have a keyword in mind. I use Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest to come up with a good one. I look for a keyword that has high traffic and low competition.
  • My keyword or keyword phrase makes up between 1%-1.5% of my content. For example, if I write a 1,500-word article trying to rank for “Dog toy that is safe and durable for my puppy,” I make sure that the keyword shows up between 15–22 times in my article.
  • My article has a good chance of knocking off one of the first-page results. I Google my keyword and use the MOZ toolbar to look at PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority). If they are below 30–40 for an article, I stand a good chance of dethroning them.
  • My article has something others don’t. If most existing articles discuss six dog toys, my writing focuses on the best, safe, and most durable toy for my puppy. Or I can discuss toys that are good for specific dog breeds or hold up to heavy wear-and-tear. Go the extra mile.

These four tips are easy to implement and help your content stand a chance to rank, no matter how SEO-savvy or SEO-unaware you are.

Final takeaway — New Writer — 6 Best Content Writing Tips To Win Clients

Keep two factors in mind when creating content — define your target audience and write to tap into the human psychology of your reader.

If you don’t understand who you’re writing for and what are their pain points, you can’t create compelling content.

Start with your audience in mind every time; chances are you’ll create high-quality content and generate leads and sales for your client.

Good luck.

Fam, do let me know what your tried-and-trusted techniques for superb content writing are?



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