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Imagine if you could bring anything in your mind to life and then play with it* using your voice.

That’s the dream we are landscaping here at Anything World, and this is the first in a series of posts explaining how we are going about building our dreamscape architecture device.

In this article I’m going to show you how we bring open source static 3D objects to life. A process which is very much at the molten core of planet Anything World.

So strap in, wake up, jump aboard, light the fuse and prepare yourself for so many confusingly mixed metaphors!

Let us begin, as all good adventures do, with a sheep.

Here’s a low poly sheep from Google Poly, who for the sake of simplicity we will henceforth refer to as Steve.

Hi Steve, nice to bleat you.

He’s cute and sort of fluffy but doesn’t do too much. That’s because Steve is a static model with no skeleton, animations or behaviours. However, like all the 3D models on our platform, as long as you credit the author Steve is totally remixable. Cool. Let’s do it!

Here at Anything World we take static Steve, and thousands of others like him, and turn them into living, breathing objects that don’t actually live or breathe. By which I mean we have developed automated systems to add behaviours and animations to them, like so:

We released a closed Alpha for testing just a few days ago, so please bear in mind animations — along with everything else — are early stage and a work in progress. Also Anything World is only available in Unity (for now). Still, Steve already looks pretty nifty.

Let me show you how easy it is to make a Steve using our Unity panels.



Here’s how we haven’t done the above:

  • Manual rigging and skeletal animation
  • Labelling up the model and applying an existing rig to it
  • Cutting up the mesh and stretching it around a bit
  • Adding the model & animations to a local Unity project

Here’s how we have:

  • Using our Cloud Service which is queryable-at-runtime-or-actually-anytime™!
  • Machine Learning Magic!

We are creating a highly scalable ML based cloud service to bring objects to life whenever you want. One that classifies, segments and does a bunch of top secret things to 3D models of any type.

Anything! World. 😀

What’s that? You want to see 100 sheep at once? Oh, go on then.


So there you have it: quite a few animated sheep, created with incredible ease.

Steve now lives in a technicolor wonderland.

Upcoming in future articles in case you don’t like sheep: making loads of different random things, one click environment creation, voice commands, runtime APIs and much more when we think of what those much more things might be!

Please check out our very green site for more info!

* Please, non-erotic objects only. We are a family business. Shame on you!
™ This stands for TerribleMoniker and in no way indicates a real TradeMark.



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