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Command! World!

We live on an increasingly globalised international globe where many of us feel unable to influence major world events as they swirl around our mostly blue/green interplanetary sphere.

Wouldn’t it be really nice, just for a while, to be in direct control of the action?

Welcome to a whistle-stop* tour of Anything World’s real-time-run-time-any-time-voice-time-fun-time™ voice control systems!

A cat looking pretty in the city.

Lets start with a common problem - we’ve all been here:

  • You’re trapped in a psychedelic world
  • You want to throw a doughnut
  • At an armadillo
  • You don’t have a doughnut
  • Or an armadillo

Behold the solution:

Micro dosing is very popular in Silicon Valley.

It’s often said that the best businesses arise from addressing an unmet but in retrospect obvious consumer need. There’s another one coming up right now.

Ever wanted to make a cat chase a rat and then ride that same cat while it chases that same rat? What used to be the cause of so much frustration has just become accessible for all.

I’ve seen cats as big as cars before too.

Ever carried something from some place to some place different?

Annoying, isn’t it?

Well not anymore!

Yes it is a little bit like Katamari Damacy. Which can only be a good thing!

Now let us take you to outer space to chat with an alien! If you are wondering why he sounds a bit like the giraffe from the previous post it’s because they are actually (distant) cousins.

The search for intelligent life might not be over just yet.

In the next post we will be giving you a quick intro to getting started with the Anything World platform itself.

If only there was a public release upcoming real soon that post would prove real handy!

In the meantime we suggest you kick back lockdown style and don’t go anywhere at all!

* there will be no whistles and also no stops on this particular tour.



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