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Greetings! In our last (now internationally renowned) post we spoke about the process we use to bring inanimate 3d objects to life in Anything World. It was quite exciting and had a 🐑 that walked in it. Safe, wholesome family fun was had by all who digested its contents.

But hold up.

What if you hate sheep? What if wool leaves you feeling cold despite its insulating properties? Or even what if you have ovinaphobia????? (yes that is a real word I just Googled it)

In this post we’re going to show you some things distinctly non-sheepine: some examples of the thousands (and ever growing) of inanimate objects we have made animate thanks to our platform. We’re gonna make some whacky cool shit and stick a bunch of gifs and videos up in here, basically.

Remember! Everything you see below is a remixable publicly available 3D static asset which we have brought to life with our Machine Learning magicery and it’s all running in Unity. It’s early days for our platform of course so you will see mistakes if you look for them. But then what kind of person goes looking for that kind of thing?

Enough verbosity, let’s get cracking!

1# Jungle!

The jungle is a crazy place where jungle things happen.

Neck A chiefs.
Monkey and also giraffe business.

2# Sea!

The sea is a blue and salty place.

Shark!Shark!Shark! is also the name of a math rock band (or at least it should be).
A pod of Orcas chases fish through the watas.

3# Mountains!

Up in the mountains there are no fountains. Here’s the proof.

Err, what’s this? One click environment creation? That’s not supposed to be in this article!
Thin mountain air enables animals to grow curly fry style head extensions.

4# Green Zone!

I’m not sure where or even what this is, but it exists now.

In this world cars are the same size as crabs and also bees.
Sometimes words fail even us.

All of the above were created in Unity with our editor panels super easily.


Don’t worry, if you do want to code we will show you how to do that in approximately 2 articles time!

You may be asking yourself some of the following questions at this point:

What about voice? Where’s all the talking stuff that’s in the 18 month old promo video on their site? Are these folks jokers or what? Is this a scam? What do these idiots know about Natural Language Understanding anyway?

We have 2 things to say to you:

1# Calm down. If you carry on like this you'll end up poisoning yourself with your own bitterness.

2# Wait until the next article! In it we will show you how to use voice in Anything World both at runtime and in the editor!

See you then! Please do reach out to chat in the meantime at or visit us at Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure Colon Forward Slash Forward Slash Anything Dot World!



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