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Metaverse But Where’s The Chorus?

Metaverse! Metaverse! Metaverse! With a sprinkling of Web3 NFTs!

Now that I have your attention (or mild disgust depending on your predilections) there is a big issue around any notion of Metaverse that we urgently need to address. In true optimise an article for SEO style I won’t be telling you what that urgent need is in the second paragraph though. That would be amateurish 😂.

Of course the notion of what the Metaverse could be is currently in its formational stage and is the subject of much debate. So why not throw our own definition onto the pile?

The Metaverse is a series of persistent 3D worlds that accompany every aspect of our lives.

Property development is full of sharks.

The Metaverse would ideally just be one massive 3D environment, but I think we are a long way off singing that communal chorus just yet. Interoperability is the best we can hope for at the moment whilst the big players jostle for power in their big power jostling pants. In any case, I digress.

There are many excellent tool makers and service providers in a great position to connect, empower and enable the growth of many aspects of the Metaverse, many of whom are good friends of ours, for example:

  • ReadyPlayerMe — A cross-game avatar platform for the Metaverse
  • Volograms — Easy volumetric video capture
  • Oorbit — Publish and play interactive worlds
  • Crucible — Tools for the creation of the open metaverse
  • Volta XR — Design mixed reality experiences

However, the Metaverse need that we feel most urgently at Anything World and have been grappling with for a couple of years is:

Where is all the content for these rich 3D worlds going to come from?

Or, tenuous link and cheap play on words though it is undoubtedly is 🙇: who will write the chorus for the Metaverse?

We, in our entirely impartial and unbiased view, would strongly argue that A.I. smart services like Anything World are going to power a revolution in content creation, one in which anybody can be a 3D content creator.

Anything World is the content creation engine for the Metaverse.

You can turn things around quickly with Anything World.

Thanks to the Machine Learning expertise that squarely resides in members of the team not called Gordon, we can empower anyone to create living 3D worlds with no technical knowledge. We have 7 proprietary ML steps that can turn any static 3D model into a living object with behaviours and animations applied. We automate the sourcing and bringing to life of models from the likes of Free3D and in particular Sketchfab and have ingested all the models from Google Poly 🪦 too. From next month you’ll be able to add your own private collections to our animation systems too.

So do whatever you want: create animated objects and living worlds and build out apps, add them to the Metaverse platform of your choice, or even mint them on a chain of blocks if you want some NFT freshness.

Create your wildest 3D dreams! 🛸🦙🦙🦙

When UFOs arrive please don’t be allalmed.

We are available in Unity right now so come and join the ~4,500 others creating with us! If Roblox is more your thing get in touch with us straight away, we have something top secret in the works! Well, it was top secret.

Also hit us up anytime on Discord, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook if we have peaked your interest! 🏔

Gordon is the co-founder & CEO at Anything World, a service that uses Machine Learning to empower everyone to be a living 3D content creator. In his spare time he likes to think about why he doesn’t have enough spare time.



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