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Pink No Sweat$: A 3D Music Game Made Easy With Anything World

Firepit Technologies, the red hot and generally excellent internal creative tech agency at Warner Music, recently built a very cool browser based music game powered by Anything World. It was really easy for them to make the 3D bits using our platform and you, dear reader, could easily do so too.

This article will show off the project a little bit and also explain how Pink Sweat$ Pink Planet Experience uses Anything World for 3D world creation. There will be a few simple code snippets for the 🤓s amongst us too (which is pretty much all of us right? 🙋‍)

About The Game

Pink Sweat$ Pink Planet Experience Start Screen
We Allow You To Think The Whole Planet Is Pink

First off though, go check out the game (warning: Spotify Premium required!).

Cool, right? I can’t hear or see you right now but nevertheless I’m gonna assume you either verbally said “right” out loud or at least nodded your head a little bit.

About Anything World And The Game

So why use Anything World? How did our platform help this world come to life? Excellent questions, let’s try to answer them with some bullet points shall we?

  • Firepit estimate they saved around 30% of the production time and cost for making a 3D game by using Anything World’s platform.
  • For the Pink Planet Experience they only had one element custom modelled, rigged and animated: Pink Sweat$ himself.
  • Everything else comes from Anything World’s APIs, requested at runtime at the beginning of each game.

It should be noted that the world objects are randomised but the world is not really truly procedural, there are few behaviours on the objects themselves and the experience is quite tightly defined. So the Pink Planet game doesn’t really showcase the full power of Anything World. Nevertheless Firepit saved 30% of their time and money by using us. Everybody wins!

About Anything World And The Build Of The Game

I’m sure there are many Anything World fans out there (👋 Mum!) who are a little puzzled at this point and asking themselves question such as:

  • Isn’t Anything World only available in Unity?
  • How does the game run so smoothly in the browser?
  • When is Gordon going to get himself a proper job?

Sorry Mum but I’m not going to address the third point again as I’m a little tired of explaining — but I am happy to answer the other two.

Anything World is currently only publicly available in Unity — if you are a Unity creator please go get it now for free! — but we have APIs that we allow to be accessed directly for specific projects outside of Unity. In this case Firepit used the excellent three.js to build a web app and integrated Anything World into the project super easily.

About Anything World And The Code For The Build Of The Game

There follows a few JavaScript code snippets showing how easy it is to query Anything World’s APIs with just a string for the object name and display 3D objects.

This is the call to load in AW objects, an extremely simple fetch request:

Fetch request to find a 3D object from Anything World’s APIs given only an object name string.

We use a bit of JavaScript with the JSON response and the three.js MTLLoader and OBJLoader libraries to load the 3D model — then we can add it to the scene.

Taking JSON response from Anything World API’s and using it to load in OBJ and materials.

Super simple!

(In this example we are requesting OBJ format 3D objects, GLTF is coming very soon!)

About Anything World And Your Next 3D World

It Always Helps To Have A Heart To Heart.

Hopefully this article has got you excited about the possibilities of 3D worlds in the browser and given you a little insight into how easy it is to build JavaScript apps with Anything World. Please join us on Discord or reach out via email straight away if you have any questions!



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