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The majority of us at some point in our lives have done it.

It’s not always as stimulating as it should be though. Most of us of course remember our first time. For me it was monosyllabic, over too quickly and left a lingering sense of dissatisfaction. Many of us carry that sense of initial disappointment with us to this day.

Well that stops right here and right this second! Now you can create whatever you want by saying it with Anything World! Welcome to the return of voice fun!

Like this!

Create whatever you want with your voice directly in Unity! 🕷🐍🦀

Behold the worlds very first voice-enabled-editor-extension-panel-creation-tool-thing-in-Unity™!

It’s worth reiterating that all the 3D models you see here are remixed creative commons licensed ones provided by our cloud services and brought to life with our secret ML magic sauce. Nothing is local or hardcoded in Unity projects!

It can also do this!

I know the dolphins are not as nice as the sharks but do you have to blow holes in everything? 🐬

And this!

A whole world created in the palm of your voice! 🗻🏠🌻

Many of you more seasoned Anything World fans will note that using voice and messaging in an application at run time made up most of our early use cases and that our website is peppered with such examples. That is still a very powerful use of our platform, heres some jollity from a sample scene in our latest release to prove it!

I’m putting this here so I can have a nice preview image in the article.
Yes giraffes do sound like that. 🦙🦒

There are so so many use cases for voice + limitless worlds. Anyone interested in voice powered endless sandbox gaming or the next generation of truly emergent narrative experiences?

Obviously this is just a tantalisingly thin slice of the massive voice & messaging cake currently being baked in the Anything World ovens. As ever please be forgiving for any glitches you see in our videos too, we are getting better all the time 🛫 🌝. In later posts we will show you further layers including voice controlled worlds where the live action is directed by you and your vocal abilities!

Thanks for reading and please try to find time for yourself to stay healthy & happy during these continuing difficult times.

Otherwise you might miss the next post! 🙌



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