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Voice Powered AI Driven 3D Meta Metaverses!

Here at Anything World we have long been believers in the combined powers of voice, 3D worlds and Artificial Intelligence. This week we welcome a new convert to our congregation: Meta!

The news broke that they are working on an AI ‘builder bot’ for the Metaverse - or Horizon Worlds as it’s currently known. We of course welcome Meta into the natural language creation fold — it’s great to see such a big player invested in voice creation in 3D, we feel it strongly validates our approach. That said we couldn’t resist quickly whipping up this cheeky response cake in Anything World, we hope you enjoy!

World Building Is Easy With Anything World!

Voice powered creativity is especially powerful when combined with our proprietary and top secret Machine Learning abilities to bring 3D worlds to life of course! That remains Anything World’s magic sauce, bringing any 3D object to life using ML. Voice creation and control add some joyful sprinkles on top of the sauce on top of the cake of course!

Our Machine Learning Magic Sauce Is Allalmingly Effective!

If you’d like to see the latest voice powered app built on Anything World do check out Ministry Of Sounds 3 Decades Of Dance Snap Lens!

If you want to create living 3D worlds with your voice you can do this right this very zeptosecond with Anything World for Unity — get it here!

And if you’re reading this and you work at Meta please do reach out! Let’s collaborate on something supremely cool together!



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