Standing in the Sun.

Years ago, I used to walk on a different land.
Winter was cold. It snowed for days and we used to pretend to be on Hoth.
We made snowmen and built houses that were never big enough for a bunch of us… 
and we ended up throwing snowballs at each other.
At home we played pac-man. It was so much fun.
Then came the Spring. And it was shiny. As shiny as anything else I will ever see in my whole life.
Magic would never end in those endless afternoons. 
Running around. Riding bikes. Climbing on trees. Playing softball.
Words are not enough to tell the beauty of that time.
And Summer came in as a natural consequence.
So hot you couldn’t breathe. The pool. Sodas. Peanut butter and jelly.

I stood in the Sun. That was it. All my life.

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