Check Out This Can’t-Miss Interview With AnytownUSA Founder Geralyn Breig

Judi Boomergirl interviews our founder on starting a new business — a “Made in the USA” marketplace.

Geralyn Breig, founder of AnytownUSA

Our founder, Geralyn Breig, was recently featured on Judi Boomergirl’s blog, A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50. In this comprehensive interview, Geralyn explains why starting a new business after age 50 can be a great idea:

First of all, I’ll say this, there are probably one thousand reasons you can think of to talk yourself out of doing it, but the truth is, at this point in your life you have so much experience to lend to a new venture. I feel so much more confident in my decisions. I have so many more connections across industries to leverage for support and advice. I think after 50 is a great time to start something new!

The interview also covers Geralyn’s inspiration for starting AnytownUSA:

I have more than three decades of corporate leadership experience, and I can use it to make a difference. My entire career has been about figuring out what people want, and giving it to them. And what research shows is people want to buy products that are made here in the USA.

Read the interview for a taste of Geralyn’s business acumen and her suggestions for budding entrepreneurs. Plus, at the end of the interview, you can enter to win an American-made Woosh Beauty Face Palette!

Happy reading!