Honoring Our Veterans

Thank you for your service to our country.

Veterans Ornament from Heart Gifts by Teresa, $25. Handpainted. Made in USA.

Whether you’re planning to cheer at your town parade, volunteer at a veterans’ organization, or personally thank a vet in your community, Veterans Day is a time to publicly thank our American heroes for the sacrifices they’ve made to protect our freedoms. To that end, we would like to take the opportunity now to thank two AnytownUSA Sellers for their service.

Bill Carr of JB Naturals served in the 10th Engineer Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division of the United States Army. He has proudly flown our country’s flag every day since his discharge in 1970. JB Naturals is a small family business in Upper Bucks County, PA, that started out as a farm growing everlastings for the floral industry. Fickle weather turned the Carrs on to woodworking, which they’ve been proudly doing for the past 23 years. Mass production is the opposite of what they believe in. Quality and care goes into every framed picture, wall hanging, and keepsake box they make.

Joe Ruggerio of Damp Cellar Turnings is a Vietnam Vet, who served as an M-60 machine gunner in the Marine Corps and to this day, still bleeds “Marine green.” He’s also been a woodworker most of his life, having learned the craft from his father. Today, Joe uses his skills to handmake cool retro shaving accessories, such as shave bowls, brushes, and razors. His favorite orders are custom ones. Making products he’s proud of and running his own craft business: That’s Joe’s dream and he’s living it.

Thank you, Bill, Joe, and all veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Thank you for your courage and love of country. Thank you, also, to your families — for the sacrifices they’ve made so that you could serve our country. At AnytownUSA, along with our Seller community, we are honored to offer a 10% discount to military members to recognize and thank them for their service. This discount is available to active duty service members, veterans, retirees, spouses, and immediate family members.

Happy Veterans Day!