Engadget’s Original Videos Now On Xbox One

The Alpha team is excited to announce our newest product for Engadget on a new but familiar platform for Alpha. Engadget is the definitive guide to the technology that surrounds us and our connected life. Some of that surrounding technology was used on our newest app for Xbox One.

Xbox One is the newest Microsoft video game console that brings apps, games and entertainment to users’ favorite gaming consoles. With approximately 20 million Xboxes in users homes, bringing Engadget to the Xbox was a logical next step. Xbox One apps run on the Windows 10 platform and is a continuation of Microsoft’s push to get all of its products onto a single platform.

Now, gamers have Engadget’s original videos at their fingertips. Watch the latest product reviews, catch up on shows like ICYMI, Game Fnatic, Citizen Mars, Dear Veronica, On the Brink of Greatness and more. And hear the latest tech and gadget news all on the Xbox One.

Alpha launched Engadget’s article focused app on Windows 10 earlier this year, but for Xbox One we wanted to focus on Engadget’s video content because the platform is more conducive to streaming videos.

Here’s a look at the app available for free on Xbox One. Check it out today!

The Home Page features the newest shows available.
Discover new videos in each different topic.
More interested in just one show, check out the show tab to find what you are looking for.
See what Engadget’s editors think of the latest technology and gadgets in the Reviews section.
Watch it on the big screen and see what’s coming up next in your playlist.

Check out the Engadget app for Xbox One today!

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