9,966 Stars, who will be the 10,000?

Since the first cut of the code was pushed into GitHub just over 5 years and 3 years since Apache Pulsar became a high level project, the Neighborhood has grown incredibly. We thought that since it is a little quiet here in the Neighborhood and we are about to pass 10,000 stars on GitHub, we would like to take a moment and highlight some of the milestones of the Apache Pulsar community.

In Oct of 2019 the neighborhood passed 100 people making a contribution of some type, with that number doubling to over 200 by just five months later. In August of 2020, we passed 500 and then passed 1000 neighbors by May of this year. And today, just 5 months later we have over 1600 members and are on pace to reach 2000 by March 2022. These 1600 members have have over 31,000 conversations and over 400 of them have made 4,300 contributions to GitHub in some way.

And our latest milestone is coming up quickly, 10,000 stars on GitHub!

Who will be the neighbor that puts us over the 10,000 star mark? When will it happen? Today? Visit our GitHub to see the latest number.

FYI to see the accurate number, click the Star (Unstar) button and it will open up. Just make sure that you leave it as “stared”.

*Update- On 28November 2021, we passed 10,000! Can we get to 20k by the end of 2022?

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