Apache Pulsar is #5 in Commits to ASF Projects

Source: Apache by the digits

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) just released its annual blog post called “APACHE by the digits”. In it, there are a lot of interesting facts, like there are over 283 Billion lines of code across 2,300 repositories, which is just amazing. But we all know that lines of code is not the best metric to measure a project. If you want to use a metric from Git, it really should be commits. And there were a lot of those over the last year with over 200,000 commits across all Apache Projects. Apache Pulsar had 4632 of them, 2.2% of all ASF commits, putting us in fifth place for the number of commits!

Source: APACHE by the digits

There are a lot of other interesting insights in the ASF numbers. Like 42% of contributors to ASF projects have worked with the project for under a year. There are over 15k commits each month to an ASF project, with November and March being the two busiest months and October being the least active. Check out the post here and let us know what you find interesting in the comments below

Some Quick Apache Pulsar Numbers from 2021

In 2021, we had 350 different people make a contribution to the project in some way, with an average of 9.6 per person. What is really amazing is that 250 people made their first contribution in 2021. That means that over 70% of our neighbors who made a contribution to Apache Pulsar in 2021, made their first contribution in the last 12 months. And that makes up over half of the people (475) who have ever made a contribution to Apache Pulsar.

Our top ten Neighbors and the number of contributions in 2021:

Lari Hotari (268)

LI Li (161)

Lin Lin (160)

Matteo Merli (155)

Enrico Olivelli (132)

Penghui Li (106)

Bo Cong (94)

HeZhangJian (90)

Michael Marshall (78)

Jiwei Guo (78)

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