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Happenings in the AP Neighborhood Nov. ‘21

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Hello Everyone,

For this issue, we have some postponements of events, a new website design winner, more events, and some great Bookkeeper blogs. Plus our normal features of a Stack Overflow question and some community stats.


As we are all aware, live events in 2021 are subject to the whims of COVID and the Pulsar Summit Asia ’21 in Beijing has been postponed. The new dates are 15–16 Jan. For more information go here.

The other postponement is the Amsterdam Neighborhood Meetup’s talk with Jowanza Joseph about Pulsar IO. It has been rescheduled for 15 December. Not in Amsterdam? Don’t worry it is a virtual event and you can sign up here.

New Website Voting- We have a Winner

The voting is in and we have a new design template ready to go. You can find the winner here. Remember that this is just a mock-up to give you an idea of what it will look like when it goes live. There is still a lot of work to be done (watch the dev@ and user@ mailing lists for the steps) but soon we will have a much cleaner, easier to navigate website.

Deep Dive Blogs about Apache BookKeeper

As we all know, Apache BookKeeper is a big part of the Apache Pulsar ecosystem. Thus there is a large overlap of PMC members, Committers, and community members between the two projects. One of those neighbors is Jack Vanlightly, Principle Software Engineer at Splunk. Over the last couple of months, Jack has written a number of Blog posts (10+) doing a very deep dive into BookKeeper and how it works. The blogs are posted on Medium and you can find them here. If you like them, and we know that you will, take a moment and click the clapping hands to show him. (BTW liking blog posts and videos, really helps that content rise to the top. So if you see a good blog post or video from an Apache Pulsar Neighbor, please click on that like and then share it with us.) We will link to them from our Medium page soon.

Upcoming events…

Enrico Olivelli is speaking at the Messaging & Streaming Switzerland Meetup group. He is presenting how by using a modern messaging system, such as Apache Pulsar, you can overcome the challenges of durability and consistency, without compromising performance.

On 8 December, Pedro Silvestre of Imperial College London will be talking to the NorCal Neighborhood Meetup group about his blog post “On the Internals of Stream Processing”. So this talk will not be solely about Apache Pulsar but streaming in general. In his post, he used Apache Flink.

On 15 December Jowanza Joseph will be speaking at the Netherlands Apache Pulsar Meetup, about Apache Pulsar IO. Jowanza is a great speaker and very knowledgeable about Apache Pulsar, to the point that his book coming out soon and is called Mastering Apache Pulsar: Cloud Native Event Streaming at Scale.

Encrio Olivelli will be speaking on December 21st (12:00 PST) at the Seattle Java Users Group. In this session you will see how to use Pulsar in a JakartaEE Web Application deployed on Apache TomEE via the JMS/EJB API, without installing any additional components to your cluster.

15–16 Jan ‘22- Pulsar Summit Asia

Would you and some colleagues like to set up a Neighborhood Meetup group or maybe you have someone who you would like to hear speak at a future meetup? Let us know and we can give you some help. Visit us at our Neighborhood Meetup page or our slack channel #meetup and ask questions.

Great questions from the Apache Pulsar Stack Overflow

As you know, we have a very active slack and Stack Overflow neighborhoods. You can ask questions at both locations and get answers quickly. Slack does have two big weaknesses. One, it is limited to the number of messages that can be saved at about 10k and we hit the limit about every three months. Two, it is not searchable by Google. Thus, when you put the error message that you received into Google, you won’t see that the question has already been answered once or twice on Slack. So to promote our great Stack Overflow channel, we thought that we would find a good question and include it here in Happenings. For this issue we thought that we would give one that has a simple answer. Do you know what it is? The writer says that it isn’t in the documentation and maybe it is now, if so do you have the link?

Question: What is the maximum message size supported by Apache Pulsar? I tried reading the documentation. But I couldn’t find any relevant information.

Follow the link above to get the answer. Do you have something to add?

Stats of the Month

For Oct, we had 71 contributors making 246 contributions, with 17 of those contributors making their first contribution. We also had over 2k conversations from 236 different people. So the community is as busy as ever!

Apache Pulsar in the News

Here are some blog posts that we have found from around the web. We think that they are good, but we might not have read them all. Let us know what you have written and we will share it. Post links on our blogs-articles channel on the Apache Pulsar Slack.

Apache Pulsar a Unified Queueing and Streaming Platform

On the internals of Stream Processing Systems — Pretty Technical on how Stream Processing systems work.

Distributed Locks with Apache Pulsar

Why Pulsar Beats Kafka for a Scalable, Distributed Data Architecture

The Critical Role Streaming Plays in a Data Stack

Apache Pulsar Neighborhood on Social Media

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