Apache Zeppelin for SQL Server 0.7.1

Updated to match the latest Apache Zeppelin release

During this weekend I’ve updated the SQL Server version of Apache Zeppelin to match the latest released version 0.7.1.

Source code is in GitHub as usual. I also changed branch and tag naming to match the same used by Apache Zeppelin main repository. So now you can find “branch-0.7” where all work related to 0.7 version is done.

Each time a 0.7 version is released, a tag is used to tag the released version. In this case it’s 0.7.1

the master branch is always updated with the latest released version.

I’ve done so because, since I’m now quite confident with Zeppelin development, I would like to make the SQL Server interpreter part of the official distribution. I’ll work on this for the next release.

Both the Docker image and the Binary release has been updated too.

Docker Image


Docker images followed the same name change done on GitHub, and if you want to get the latest development image for version 0.7 you just have to ask for the branch-0.7


while if you want to get the image of the latest released 0.7 version, you can go for


if you just want to have the latest released image of the latest available version, just will go with


Windows 10

As told in one of the last post, it’s also possible to use Apache Zeppelin on Windows 10. The only problem I’ve found so far is that the python interpreter is not working as expected. Beside this, everything else works just fine.

The binaries are available here:


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