Apartment Ocean Launches Chatbot for Real-Estate Agents

Learn How CHATBOT Can Help Your Real Estate Business

At Apartment Ocean, we are always looking for innovative ways to provide our partners with improved service. As part of that quest, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Real Estate Chatbot. Designed to provide real estate professionals with the enhanced ability to match apartments with renters and qualify leads, Apartment Ocean Chatbot streamlines customer service tasks, thus giving agents more time to spend on other tasks.

Once our real estate chatbot is installed, it is capable of interacting directly with customers by using cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Although many chatbots only work with Facebook Messenger and similar platforms, out state-of-the-art chatbot can work with third-party applications. There is no need to have someone available around the clock to interact with prospective leads. The chatbot can handle it for you by conversing with prospective buyers and renters, determining what they are looking for, and then providing possible options. All the while, our chatbot builds a customer profile that real estate agents can use later when working directly with clients.

Benefits are enormous

The benefits are enormous for both real estate companies and prospective clients. Buyers and renters can receive service around the clock while real estate companies are able to fill more properties and obtain high-quality leads.

By its very nature, the real estate industry is relationship oriented. Real estate professionals and clients form bonds over what is often an important transaction: buying a home or renting an apartment. Although a chatbot cannot completely replace that relationship between agents and clients, it can be used effectively in a number of ways. With more and more customers opting to engage online, a chatbot like Apartment Ocean offers a number of possibilities for the real estate industry.

Many times, when a client first begins searching for a property, he or she needs to be asked a series of targeted questions in order to arrive at a call to action. Apartment Ocean Chatbot can help engage skeptical or even shy prospects by prompting them to actually call and speak to an agent. The ever-increasing number of tech-savvy consumers who actually prefer to engage online first would also most certainly appreciate the benefits offered by our innovative real estate chatbot.

Be Ahead Of The Game

For real estate companies that are looking to get ahead of the game and offer something fresh and new to their clients, chatbot is the perfect solution. As most real estate professionals are all too aware, today’s clients demand immediate responses. Our Apartment Ocean chatbot ensures clients never have to wait for the information they need. This helps save valuable time during which prospective clients could grow impatient and turn to a competitor. As a result, chatbot helps real estate firms connect with younger clients and obtain the results they desire.

If you’re looking to do more in less time, demonstrate your real estate company’s commitment to the latest technology, and fully harness the power of the internet, we can help.

To find out more about Apartment Ocean Chatbot, visit www.apartmentocean.com.

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