Introductions Are In Order

We lost Escape the Room.

You well may be asking yourself “Who is AT Media and why do I care what they’re doing?”

Totally fair.

AT Media is the parent company of Apartment Therapy and Kitchn. If you’re interested in our tech stack you can check it out on our wiki. At this point we’re:

  • 2 Designers
  • 4 Front End Engineers (We’re Hiring)
  • 3 Back End Engineers
  • 2 Product Managers
  • 1 Tom (Interim CTO)

We do all the things you would expect a product team to do and we’re always learning. That’s kind of what this is all about. For the last year or so we’ve been growing fast and as such we’ve been learning really fast.

What does that mean?

Well, we’re not sure yet but we think it might be interesting. Some of the things we’re working on aren’t well documented in our industry.

We’re trying to figure out how we’re learning as much as what we’re learning. That means documentation writing, question asking and process analyzing. One of the great side effects of those actions is that we have some things to say.

For example, a small squad (or our learning squad?) created a process for A/B testing. Our design chapter is working on processes for usability testing in Q4. We just launched a new gallery feature with feedback from testing and surveys. Those things are just the tip of the iceberg and we’re super excited to start sharing!

For the time being you can find us on Twitter @ATMediaProduct