Dumb it down - Dress it well

How we used drones and simple language to enhance the user experience of Fortums’ new purchase flow.

We were asked to create a quick, easy and convincing purchase flow for the energy provider Fortums’ new customers. Easy as pie right? Well, yes. And no…

Move along.

Our mission was to get visitors through the purchase flow as smoothly as possible and ultimately, to order their energy from Fortum. We knew that Fortums’ customers would compare them to their competitors — and why the heck shouldn’t they? In fact the flow was modeled to fit comparison prices.

The communication and content design were thrown into the mix when the product was more or less ready for deployment, so we were a bit restrained with what we could do.

The purchase flow was divided into two sections. To the left we had the actual flow. To the right, an inspirational space where we could communicate visually. We wanted this to be streamlined, easy and to the point. The information/text had to be super simple. Anyone should be able to understand every step of the order process without ever having to think twice about anything.

Less is more when it comes to purchase flows. We wanted the users to not only focus on the task at hand, but to feel secure and relaxed while doing it. We can create that feeling simply by taking away difficult language, complicated words and excess information.

Since we were a bit…should we say careful(?), with the purchase flow, we felt we needed to even up the scores with the other side of the page… It was time for the big guns. We filmed three breathtaking movies that played on the right side depending on which energy source the customer chose.

Droning on

We felt we needed to capture the awesomeness of nature to show the true origin of Fortums energy (wind, water and sun). Together with our dear friend Jocke from Good Times Studio we headed up to the mountains of Åre and Oviken. Good Times is a company with expertise in drone filming, virtual reality and motion graphics. Filmer/pilot Jocke brought his DJI Inspire 1 drone to get some shots. Åre and Oviken not only has a great mixture of nature but is also really close to the birthplace of our director. So he was very familiar with the place and knew his way around. It was a great couple of days that resulted in a bunch of great footage, a whole lot of waiting for the weather and miles of hiking.

So did we learn anything?

Well yes. We learnt a thing or two about a thing or two. But mainly two things we’d like to adress.

  1. If the communication team had the possibility to get in on the action earlier in the process we could have made an even greater impact. We had some great ideas that we had to shelf because of technical restrictions. If we had been involved earlier, we could have worked our way around these restrictions or even developed the flow with our ideas in mind.
  2. Everyone knows you shouldn’t work with animals or children. Add weather into that equation.

Head over to Fortum if you want to check out the work!


  • Director and editor: Niclas Persson
  • Design God and allround genius: Johan Ekhager
  • Communication Design/Copy: Fredrik Gunnarsson
  • Drone pilot/filmer: Joakim Näzell (Good Times Studio)

My name is Fredrik Gunnarsson and I work as a Communication Designer at Apegroup: a design, technology & communication agency in Stockholm, Sweden. We help organisations build great digital products with engaging content. Want to know more about how we work? Learn more at our website.

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Thoughts, learnings and opinions from a digital product studio in Sweden who deliver world-class design, technology and communication.

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Apegroup — Behind the Screens

Thoughts, learnings and opinions from a digital product studio in Sweden who deliver world-class design, technology and communication.