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Greetings, doods! We have finally confirmed further details on the launch of our ecosystem token — Apeiros $APRS — with our partners. Woohoo! With the help of Impossible Finance’s new Ronin Launchpad, we’ll be hosting our community round so that our Primeval and Star Holders can get their sweet share of $APRS. Now let’s go into the details and requirements of purchasing $APRS, so that no matter if you’re a newbie or an expert of the NFT market, you’ll understand how to make your purchase!

There’ll also be an AMA on Thursday night (GMT+8) hosted by Frank Cheng, aka LoreKeeper (Apeiron CEO), so if you have any further questions please head over to our Discord AMA channel and drop them there, and feel free to join the AMA when it’s live!

Table of Contents:

Key Info

Details for the Apeiron Community Round

Preparing yourselves for the Community Round FAQ

Key Info

Recap of $APRS utilities

$APRS is primarily used for expanding the ecosystem of Apeiron NFTs. It is an essential component of Celestial Conjunction (Planet Breeding), Apostle minting as well as NFT rentals. It can also be used to pay for Orbital Renting to gain an aging bonus for your Planets. Basically, in order to create NFTs and expand the Apeiron ecosystem, $APRS will be essential.

Additionally, in the forthcoming Apeiron Top-up Store, $APRS can be exchanged to the game as Aperium. You may use Aperium to purchase seasonal Battle Passes, unlock more inventory spaces, and train our DoodGPT in the game. Aperium can also be used in the (coming soon) Premium Gacha and Aperium Shop.

Read more about $APRS on our updated Whitepaper here.

IMPORTANT: Please note that $APRS (similar to Axie Infinity’s $AXS), as our ecosystem token, will be tied closely with our ecosystem’s health and growth. To maintain long term sustainability, we will not be doing much airdrops with $APRS, especially during the TGE phase. $APRS goes hand-in-hand with $ANIMA (similar to $SLP), which will be our game utility token, and which players will be able to get through playing, contributing, and winning! We will especially be focusing on rewarding our community, beta testers and early supporters with plenty of $ANIMA Airdrops. As a final note, it’s important to understand that Apeiron rewards those who utilize their assets, and most Apeiron NFTs are MULTIPLIERS for your earnings. Play the game!

Total Size of Community Round

$APRS is priced at $0.11 USDC.

Details regarding the community round are provided below. Token eligibility for the Ronin and Impossible Finance communities will be available at a later date. Follow the X/Twitters of Ronin and Impossible Finance for their Sale Details and to stay updated with their latest news.

Ronin Launchpad

The Ronin Launchpad, powered by Impossible Finance, has provided builders and community members on Ronin with more opportunities. Currently, several ERC-20 tokens are already available on Ronin, including $AXS, $WRON, $SLP, $BERRY, and others. Through the collaboration of Ronin and Impossible Finance, we expect to see an expansion in the number of ERC-20 tokens available. To learn more about the partnership between them, click here.

Since the technology behind the Ronin Launchpad is supported by Impossible Finance, users who have completed KYC on the Impossible Finance platform will not need to go through the process again on the Ronin Launchpad and vice versa. You just need to make sure you are using the same Ethereum wallet address which you link your KYC to. This streamlines the KYC process for users.

Impossible Finance Launchpad

Impossible is an on-chain native, research advisory firm with a DeFi launchpad and accelerator. Impossible helps projects kickstart, fundraise, scale, and launch their tokens while enabling users to learn, discover and invest in high quality crypto opportunities. It’s also Ronin’s official launchpad partner, and we are very happy to have their help with our community round. For more information on Impossible Finance, head over here.


All buyers will need to connect their wallets on the dedicated Ronin Launchpad site, as it will serve as the platform facilitating our official token sales.

Keep reading down below to find out more about the final lot eligibility and requirements to participate in the community round.


Details for the Apeiron Community Round

The Community Round will be split in two, the OMEGA round is for Divine/Primal Planet holders, and T9-T1 Star holders, while the Primeval round is open to anyone else who has $APRS lot eligibility (as shown in the table below), including those who qualified for the OMEGA round. Please note that any unsold tokens from the OMEGA round will be added to the Primeval pool.

Based on final confirmation, the cost per lot is $275 USDC.

Target: Apeiron VIP Asset Holders

OMEGA Round: March 12–13, 2024 (6am UTC, 24hr sale)

Primeval Round: March 14–15, 2024 (10am UTC, 24hr sale)

$APRS allocation will be divided into lots. Below is a table with the lot eligibilities based on assets held:

​​*Assets must be migrated to the Ronin chain to be eligible for lots.

Please note that only the highest Age tier for each Planet may be claimed for the lot. So if you have a 10000 year old Planet, that Planet will be able to claim 6 lots based on its Age.

Example of calculating lots:

A wallet holding 2 Planets — a 700 year old Mythic and a 3000 year old Arcane — will receive 3 lots (for the Mythic) + 6 lots (for the Arcane) + 1 lot (for having 3000 years of Age) = 10 Lots

10 lots x 2500 $APRS = eligible for 25000 $APRS

Preparing yourselves for the Community Round

We are launching our community round on the Ronin Launchpad, and KYC (Know-Your-Client) will be needed to verify our client’s identity, ensuring our token sales meet regulatory requirements.

  1. How to verify your wallet (KYC):

It’s essentially a verification process. A step by step guide for KYC: here.

2. What makes a person eligible for KYC and the Community Round?

Asset holders who want to participate will need to hold a minimum of 5 $RON to begin the KYC verification process.

3. How long does it take to complete KYC?

The KYC process typically takes a couple of minutes only, but due to compliance checks it can take up to 72 hours to complete the process. If it has been more than 72 hours, please reach out to your KYC support.

4. How to use the Ronin Launchpad?

Check out this step-by-step guide: here

5. If a user completes KYC via Impossible Finance for another IDO and/or on a different EVM chain, can they use the same address to be KYC ready and eligible to participate in our $APRS community round?

Yes, they may use the same address. For those who have completed KYC on Impossible Finance previously, they are eligible to participate in our $APRS community round on the Ronin Chain.

6. Can one KYC process be utilized for multiple wallets? Or is it restricted to whitelisting only one wallet address per KYC?

Yes, only one wallet address can be whitelisted per KYC. (For Synaps and Authento, we have anti-sybil so one account/ID can only verify 1 wallet address)

7. Are there any restrictions on KYC? Which countries cannot perform KYC?

Residents from countries or regions such as the US, Mainland China, and UN-sanctioned countries are excluded from participating. You may find the list of UN-sanctioned countries HERE. In addition, there’s a list on the Impossible Finance page in terms of service here

8. What is the vesting period for $APRS on community rounds?

The investment will have a 20% initial unlock at the time of Token Generation Event (TGE), with the remaining 80% subject to a 2 month cliff before gradually vesting daily over an 18 month period.

9. Will there be a snapshot? When?

There will be a snapshot before the community round begins. It will be taken a couple days before the first round, likely taking place between March 7th and March 10th.

10. What tokens do you need to buy $APRS?

Buy $APRS with USDC


And that’s all for this one! We hope that this has answered some of the question marks going on. We’re hustling to get the rest of it all prepared, so we’ll sign off for now! And make sure to follow us on Twitter and head over to our Discord if you’d like to keep up to date with all the Apeiron goodness.

As always, thanks for reading godlings ~

About Apeiron

Apeiron is the world’s first god game x roguelite x battle arena. Rule over planets full of adorable doods, dive into dangerous dungeons, and battle against other players using powerful Avatars. As a newborn god, will you walk the path of good…or evil? Determine the fate of the godiverse in this epic new adventure. Download and play now for free on the Epic Games Store.

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This article was amended on March 7th, 2024 to clarify the target of Apeiron Community Round.




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