Apeiron Latest News: New Leaderboard, Carv Campaign, and Airdrops!

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  • Battle Arena Open Beta Testing Leaderboard officially ended on March 18th 8:00 AM HKT. New leaderboard has begun, lasting until April 26th!
  • New Carv campaign!
  • Airdrop Event for wRON stakers during $APRS community round

Howdy doods, today we’ve got another news roundup for you. There is SO MUCH happening these days! Which is awesome. In today’s blog, you’ll learn the details of our new leaderboard and we’ll talk about a big UPGRADE we have to our Apeiron x Talon Nova Tournament.

Some quick reminders before we get started:

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Alrighty, let’s roll on with the news! 🧨

Battle Arena Open Beta Testing Leaderboard Results

First let’s check out the highlights from our leaderboard that just concluded. This leaderboard ran between February 29th and March 18th, 2024. We had a huge surge of growth in our community and player base during this period, making it one of the most competitive leaderboards yet!

Congratulations to Ralo, 1437, Star Lord, and Mino for all achieving Tier 0 — Divine with an impressive 2k rating. These doods really put in the hours and their hard work paid off!. This leaderboard ended with over 10,000 unique players, 2.5M souls gained, and 90,000 games played. Awesome! ⭐

Here’s a tweet from Ralo on reaching #1:

We love to see y’all fighting up the ladder and enjoying the game. Keep it up!

Another standout moment during this leaderboard period was the Doods of the Round Table exhibition tournament featuring Apeiron OGs and Axie OGs. The tournament sparked excitement among the players, creating a round of kind-of-casual but also VERY serious gaming sessions. A short clip of Mino and Jengkoz’s showdown is available on our Discord server. Check it out!

Apeiron Arena Leaderboard

New leaderboard! This is the Apeiron Arena leaderboard, the last one before S3 launch. And it’s a big one: from March 19th to April 26th, players can start earning $ANIMA by playing the game. The more you play, means more battlevested $ANIMA you’ll add to your pool, resulting in more $ANIMA for unlocking upon the S3 launch. We’re doing all we can with this leaderboard to make sure that everyone who participates and plays can get big rewards.

Now that $ANIMA can be earned directly, we will be retiring our Souls-to-Airdrop Points system that we had set up in the interim. Our team is tracking how much $ANIMA will be airdropped to your account, so don’t worry if you don’t see your hard earned Souls immediately! Please note that this $ANIMA will also be battlevested. As a quick reminder, battlevested $ANIMA will be unlocked at a rate of 1% per day by doing in-game tasks upon the S3 launch.

On top of the $ANIMA you can earn, players will also be able to acquire $APRS by participating in the PvP leaderboard! $APRS is our premium token used for asset creation — it’s both rare and valuable. As such, it is a fitting reward for those who make it to the top. At the same time, this is a chance for you to show your talent — if you’re new to Apeiron, you could get some $APRS simply by grinding your way up the leaderboard! For more information regarding how much $APRS you can earn, see below:

But we’re not stopping with $ANIMA and $APRS. Asset holders who reach Platinum tier will get an entry into a special Primeval Core Raffle containing 3x Mythic Primeval Cores and 10x Elemental Primeval Cores. These are some powerful Planets that will supercharge your gameplay! In a similar vein, non-asset holders will get entered into a Fully Bred Planet Raffle with 10x Fully Bred Quad Planets up for grabs, also an excellent way to diversify your teambuilding.

There’s so much at stake this season and all you need to do is play! So get out there and show us what you doods got~

Carv x Apeiron Returns!

We are excited to announce our updated partnership with CARV! They are the leading modular data layer for gaming and AI that transforms how data is used and exchanged in the industry. By placing a strong emphasis on privacy, ownership, and control for gamers, CARV is revolutionizing the gaming experience. Between March 21st — April 20th, we will be launching quests on Carv, providing everyone with the opportunity to earn prizes, including $ANIMA!

Players who complete tasks such as participating in daily PvP battles and achieving certain rankings on the leaderboard will be rewarded from both CARV and Apeiron. It’s a win-win! From the Apeiron side, users will get rewards including $ANIMA and Apostle tickets; and from the CARV side users will be able to claim Soul, which can be redeemed for $ARC tokens during CARV’s own TGE.


For wRON Stakers:

During the $APRS Community Round, many of you staked wRON in order to increase the size of your token allocation. To reward you for your belief in $APRS, we are excited to introduce a specially curated airdrop event — the Spring Doods Raffle!

First, Community Round participants who staked their wRON tokens will receive additional Apeiron rewards. To qualify for the rewards, users had to have staked a minimum of 10 wRON during the Community Round. The rewards are outlined below:

Base Rewards:

  • Earn 1 $ANIMUS per 10 wRON Staked


  • 50 $ANIMUS for those who staked > 100 wRON
  • 100 $ANIMUS for those who staked > 500 wRON

As for those who staked more than a 100 wRON, you’re eligible for our Spring Doods Raffle. Rewards include Normal and Golden Apostle Tickets as well as $ANIMUS!

  • Stake ≥ 100 wRON: +1 entry
  • Stake ≥ 250 wRON: +1 entry
  • Stake ≥ 500 wRON: +1 entry
  • Stake ≥ 650 wRON: +1 entry
  • Stake ≥ 800 wRON: +1 entry
  • Stake ≥ 1000 wRON: +1 entry

Prize Pool Available:

  • 75x S2 Golden Apostle Ticket
  • 75x S2R Golden Apostle Ticket
  • 600x S2 Normal Apostle Ticket
  • 600x S2R Normal Apostle Ticket
  • 550x 200 $ANIMUS
  • 750x 150 $ANIMUS
  • 850x 100 $ANIMUS
  • 375x 50 $ANIMUS

Note: each user will only get the highest tier of reward won from the raffle.

As For our Long Term Supporters:

Besides our wRON stakers, we of course also want to salute the constant love we get from our long term supporters. So we’re giving out more Airdrop Points! If you own Apeiron Seasonal Badges, selected partnership NFTs (e.g. Gam3s.gg, Carv, Earn Alliance) and/or hold Achievement roles on our Discord, you are eligible for additional $ANIMA Airdrop Points. Click here to check whether your wallet address is listed. The amount of Airdrop Points you receive will vary depending on the NFT you own as listed on the sheet. It is important to note that snapshots have already been taken, so purchasing NFTs now will not grant you additional Airdrop Points.

Thanks as always for your support, and let’s continue to make Apeiron the best it can be!

— — — — —

So what do we think about the events we have for you guys? Let us know! And watch out for more details from our Discord! And also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news! Especially the last one. Big events are coming up. Can’t stress that enough. Get ready doods!

And as always, thanks for reading. See ya next time, godlings!

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This article was amended on March 20th to clarify the list of eligible users for additional $ANIMA Airdrop Points.




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