Apeiron Newsday: Announcing Support your Creator Week and the Apeiron Zenith Invitational

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4 min readMay 6, 2024


Howdy doods! We’re comin’ hot out the gates this week with a fresh n’ ready newsday for you today with announcements for TWO new events: Support your Creator Week and the Apeiron Zenith Invitational Tournament! What are these all about? Read on, dear reader, READ ON!

QUICK pre-announcement announcement before we get to the main event: the Open Beta PvP Leaderboard 2 (doesn’t it just roll off the tongue?) is ending this FRIDAY. There are a TON of rewards that we’re giving out this leaderboard, so make sure you’ve played some games — the higher up you make it, the better your rewards.

Support your Creator Week

First up we have the Support your Creator Week! We wanted to show some love to our faithful and awesome Apeiron creators who’re out there producing some marvelous Apeiron content for all of us doods to mindlessly self-indulge. So we’re having a small event to celebrate ‘em~

Starting May 7th 2024 10am UTC and running until May 14th 2024 10am UTC, we’re asking YOU to show your support for your favorite creator by either posting about ’em on Twitter (and tagging them of course) or by quote-retweeting one of your favorite posts that they’ve made. You need to include the hashtags #ApeironNFT, #ApeironBeliever, as well as @ your chosen creator and @ApeironNFT.

After you’ve tweeted about them, head over to our Discord, #link your official Apeiron and Discord accounts if you haven’t already, and fill in this form here. Make sure you have their Adeptus Code handy so we can confirm they’re on our books; you can find a list of all the valid official creator Adeptus codes here. Once you’ve submitted the form and after we’ve reviewed it to make sure it all looks good, you’ll get a nice little “thank you” reward of 75 ANIMUS. Additionally, the creator you chose to support will also get 25 ANIMUS. It’s a win-win!

Please note that we’re only allowing ONE submission per user. And that’s it! TL;DR Tweet or QRT your favorite content creator, fill in a form on Discord, get ANIMUS. Easy peasy.

The Apeiron Zenith Invitational Tournament

During this leaderboard period, we’ve seen some absolutely staggering growth in our playerbase. More doods than ever are playing and enjoying Apeiron, more rewards than ever are going out, including 1M APRS across the whole leaderboard — it’s been exciting, fun, fantastic — and very competitive. We love to see it. And as this has been such a competitive period, we thought it would be great to host an invitational tournament to show off the best of the best in action!

And so we’ve partnered up with Esports 4 Everyone (E4E) to host the Apeiron Zenith Invitational Tournament. E4E is one of the premier web3 tournament organizers, and we’re thrilled to be standing alongside them for this one — the expertise they’re bringing to the table will surely make this event a dood-lightful one. Over the course of three days, we’re going to be inviting the top players on the leaderboard to battle it out for an incredible suite of prizes.

We’ll be splitting up the Zenith Invitational into three server “conferences”, much like what we did with the Nova tournament last month, in order to make sure all our competitors are fighting on a level playing field.

Each conference will have its own invitees, rewards, winners and losers! The tournament will have 8 players per conference competing in a double elimination format. The top 8 players from the end of the current leaderboard from each region will be invited to play. Here’s the schedule for the different regional conferences:

May 15th 2024 (Wednesday), 12pm UTC — Southeast Asia

May 16th 2024 (Thursday), 12am UTC — North America + Europe

May 17th 2024 (Friday), 12am UTC start — South America

And here are the rewards for EACH conference:

1st — 1x Mythic Core, 1x Golden Apostle Ticket

2nd — 1x Elemental Core, 1x Golden Apostle Ticket

3rd — 1x Fully Bred Quad Planet, 1x Golden Apostle Ticket

4th — 1x Golden Apostle Ticket

5th/6th — 4x Apostle Tickets

7th/8th — 3x Apostle Tickets

You’ll be able to watch all the action on our Twitch, so make sure to save the date and check it out. And if you’re looking to get your start in competitive Apeiron, YOU could be invited if you grind hard and climb to the summit. See y’all up there!


And that’s what we’ve got to share with you today. Any questions? Yes? No? Maybe so? D to the I to the SCORD, head to our Discord to get your questions answered and more. So much more. Also follow us on Twitter to stay up to the minute with the latest Apeiron news.

Ciao y’all, catch you doods next time~

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Apeiron is the world’s first god game x roguelite x battle arena. Rule over planets full of adorable doods, dive into dangerous dungeons, and battle against other players using powerful Avatars. As a newborn god, will you walk the path of good…or evil? Determine the fate of the godiverse in this epic new adventure. Download and play now for free on the Epic Games Store.

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