$APRS Coming to Gate.io! And Nova East Battle Highlights

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6 min readApr 16, 2024


Hey doods! Today we’re happy to announce that $APRS is coming to another CEX — the Gate.io platform! Alongside that we’ve got a wonderful airdrop startup pool event to celebrate the occasion. We’re also hitting you with some more highlights from the recently concluded Nova Tournament Eastern Conference, which was a smashing success. Let’s dive right in!

Listing with Gate.io

About Gate.io

Established in 2013, Gate.io is a full-service digital asset exchange platform consistently ranked among the top 10 exchanges, offering over 1700 cryptocurrencies and stable coins for trade. They’re committed to supporting innovation and technological progress in the blockchain industry, providing discount promotion channels for high-quality projects. Gate.io offers a comprehensive, fast and efficient one-stop service, encompassing cross-chain, NFT, and Dapp functionalities.

As such, we’re delighted to partner with them and launch $APRS on their platform!

$APRS Utilities

Here’s a recap on $APRS utilities. It’s our lynchpin ecosystem token!

$APRS is used for expanding the ecosystem of Apeiron NFTs. It is a key component of Celestial Conjunction (Planet Breeding), and also used in Apostle and Relic minting and for staking Expeditions. It can also be used to pay for Orbital Renting to gain an aging bonus for your Planets. Basically, in order to create Apeiron NFTs, $APRS is essential.

Additionally, in the forthcoming Apeiron Top-up Store, $APRS will be able to be exchanged into our game as Aperium. Aperium will be used to purchase seasonal Battle Passes, unlock more inventory spaces, and train our in-game DoodGPT NPC AI system. Aperium will also be used as currency in the Premium Gacha and Aperium Shop (coming soon).

Read more about $APRS on our Whitepaper here.

$APRS Listing Info

$APRS will be listed on Gate.io at the following times:

Date: April 18, 2024

Time: 5:00 AM UTC

Airdrop ✈️ 📦

Prior to the listing — in fact, starting NOW — Gate will launch the Apeiron ($APRS) startup pool!

Here’s how it works:

Gate.io x $APRS Startup Pool

  • Event Period: April 16th 2024 01:00 UTC to April 18th 2024 01:00 UTC.
  • Total Amount: 8044 $APRS
  • Unlock Method: 100% unlock
  • To Join: Your Gate Web3 Wallet assets (ALL chain) need to be no less than 10 USD.
  • Rewards: Users are limited to ONE entry for this event. Winners will be selected by lottery. The higher the amount of assets in your Gate Web3 Wallet, the greater the chance of winning something from the pool!

Want to read more? Check out the links below.

Join now: here

For more information about the $APRS airdrop with Gate.io, here.

Nova East Report

The Nova Tournament Eastern Conference ran from April 11 to 13, with top Apeiron KOLs unleashing all their might competing against each other in their battle for victory. After witnessing all the admirable skills the participants showed us, it’s time for announcing the winners!

Here’s the full placements for the tournament:

1st place: @1437

2nd place: @CardinaL

3rd place: @NickEagle

4th place: @Raiden

5th place: @Esushima

5th place: @Yellow Panther

7th place: @GreenTea

7th place: @Deathsie

Congratulations to all the winners! Just as with the Western Conference, we’re distributing a total of $15,000 as a prize pool based on placing.

Missed any of the action and wanna watch it? You can check out these highlights!

Day 1: https://twitter.com/ApeironNFT/status/1778739172423164120

Day 2: https://twitter.com/ApeironNFT/status/1779107338252861799

Day 3: https://twitter.com/ApeironNFT/status/1779808528162853027

You can also find the full tournament VODs on our Twitch.

And as usual, for doods who love to read (we know you’re out there!), here’s our story of how it went down:

On the first day alone, we had players who used Inferno, Gigas, Tempest, and Karst Planet types, so it was a pretty nice amount of Avatar diversity. In the Winners Quarterfinal, GreenTea’s Gigas Avatar tried to break the earth to hold back his opponent, but 1437 masterfully piloted his Inferno Avatar to burn down GreenTea to ashes and claim victory.

Another impressive match on the first day was Raiden vs NickEagle. Well-matched opponents, Raiden barely beat NickEagle 2–1 in round one with both their HP bars only showing the slightest slivers. It was particularly impressive as Raiden opted to use a Karst planet to take down NickEagle who was using a Tempest, showcasing his brilliant gaming skills and the full potential of his duo planet — that’s very impressive for him to beat a pure planet with a duo planet!

On day 2, CardinaL vs Raiden was a great match that went to 8 games out of a possible 9. In the last round, CardinaL did an incredible job of pressuring his opponent, keeping him pinned with skill combos and ultimately not giving him a single chance to come back into the game.. This was an extremely close Karst matchup, with both players utilizing Earth C5 Desecrated Ground and Air C5 Gustwing Unbound to great effect!

The Grand Finals on day 3 was a dominant display by 1437, who showcased strong mechanics and excellent micro to edge out CardinaL and claim the crown. His use of Switcharoo and Tailwind Dash to outmaneuver CardinaL was inspiring. Congrats, 1437!

Now, it’s time for our ultimate champion in the Nova East to share his winning speech with us!

Foonie writer: How do you feel about winning? Are there any specifically memorable or exciting moments in the tournament?

1437: I’m absolutely thrilled about the victory! Winning the Nova tournament was a dream come true for me, ever since I received the invitation. My main aim was to demonstrate not just my skills, but also the abilities of the players within the Ronin network when pitted against other gamers. One particularly memorable moment for me was when I had the opportunity to play on the Inferno planet during the first day of the tournament. Winning with it felt incredibly special, as it was a tribute to the founders, whose favorite planet is the Inferno.

Foonie writer: Do you have some tips about playing Apeiron PvP?

1437: My number one tip for playing Apeiron is just practice! The more you familiarize yourself with your abilities and how they complement each other, the more your skills will grow. As you adapt to different situations, you’ll see a significant improvement in your performance.

Foonie writer: Do you have any thoughts on Apeiron the game as a whole?

1437: I absolutely adore Apeiron as a game. It meshes perfectly with my skills and offers an exciting experience every time I play. The intensity of each match is addicting, and I find myself constantly drawn back for more. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any gamers looking for an adrenaline-fueled game.

Thank you and congrats, 1437! We’re glad to hear that you love Apeiron, just as we do too!

Once again, we would like to congratulate and thank all our partners, fans, casters and players for making the Nova Tournament such a success. To Foonie Magus, the Nova Tournament is not just a wonderful show providing entertainment and showcasing our game proudly, but it is also a meaningful milestone for Apeiron to hold an esports event of this caliber.

What did you think about the tournament? Will you be participating in the Gate startup pool? Any questions? Let us know! Join our Discord where we have doods meandering about all the time to chat with. And also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news! Big events are coming up. Can’t stress that enough. Get ready!

And as always, thanks for reading. See ya next time, godlings!

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Apeiron is the world’s first god game x roguelite x battle arena. Rule over planets full of adorable doods, dive into dangerous dungeons, and battle against other players using powerful Avatars. As a newborn god, will you walk the path of good…or evil? Determine the fate of the godiverse in this epic new adventure. Download and play now for free on the Epic Games Store.

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