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5 min readMar 14, 2024


Hello doods! Today we’ve got a news roundup for you as we go over everything that’s happening with Apeiron right now — and it’s a lot! In this blog we’ll be reporting on our Asset Holder Community Rounds, giving some details on upcoming free coaching and asset management sessions for Apeiron NFT holders, and discussing the release of our upcoming leaderboard.

But before we go in: we’re happy to say that the Apeiron Marketplace is now available through the Ronin Wallet mobile app, a convenient platform for accessing our official marketplace while you’re on-the-go, whether commuting or hanging out touching grass. Enjoy!

Next up, we’re thrilled to announce that users will now be able to rent out Planets and Apostles through the Lootrush rental platform. By renting out their NFTs, owners can earn profits from otherwise idle NFTs, which will be deposited into their personal wallets via the LootRush Wallet. On the other side, for new users interested in trying out Apeiron but not ready to purchase a Planet, Lootrush’s rental system allows you to get the NFTs that you want for your Apeiron team. Stay tuned for further details on our partnership with Lootrush!

With those announcements under our belts, let’s roll onto this week’s breaking news!

Community Round Report

We held our OMEGA Community Round on March 12th, and it was a spectacular turnout! During the sale there was a total of $6M APRS available to our VIP whitelisters, equivalent to around 660,000 USDC, and this batch sold out within just 15 seconds! And for the Primeval Community Round, held on March 14th, the APRS sold out in just 3 minutes and 30 seconds, with a total of $18M APRS, or 1.98M USDC, sold. Simply incredible!⭐️

All of us here at Foonie Magus have been wow’d by the amazing support. We’d also like to give a warm congratulations to all the doods who’ve secured their share of $APRS! This is only the beginning, and we’re proud and humbled that you’ve joined us on this great journey that is Apeiron.

However, we also understand that some users felt frustrated, especially after the OMEGA round, as the first come first serve basis meant not everyone can acquire $APRS. We’ve been reading and seriously considering your feedback, and we did make some adjustments to the purchasing process during the Primeval Round by adding a cap of purchase per transaction. We will be continuing to listen, so please keep up with the feedback as we strive to make Apeiron the best project it can be!

Overall, we’d just like to say: thank you to all of our doods out there! Y’all are the best~

FREE Coaching & Asset Management Sessions

With so many new doods (our community has grown from 14k to 40k users on Discord alone!) starting on their own Apeiron adventure, we’ve seen a lot of questions about what to do now. How do you utilize your assets? What’s the next step?

We’ve got you covered. Moving forward, every Monday and Tuesday, we will be hosting FREE coaching and asset management sessions for our asset holders.

Here’s how it works:

Monday PvP Coaching — This will be for teaching users how to get better at playing Apeiron’s PvP competitive mode. Interested users can sign up for and work with one of our highly trained Community Overseers, who will host a public training session to help you and other doods play to the best of your abilities and reach your targeted rank. This will be every Monday at 2pm UTC, with one coaching session available on a first come, first serve basis.

Tuesday Asset Management — So you’ve got some Planets and Apostles, what now? Our Community Overseers will work with you to conduct a public valuation of your assets and teach you how you can improve the value of your account through things like breeding, staking, and more. This will be every Tuesday at 2pm UTC, with one session available on a first come, first serve basis.

To sign up, head to the #godling-intel channel on our Discord, where you can find the sign-up forms. Please make sure you have linked your Discord and Apeiron Marketplace account before signing up!

Also, please note that the number of sessions per day is subject to change. If the demand is high enough, we’ll try to add more. Additionally, for non-English speaking doods, we’re figuring out the logistics in localizing our services! So don’t be shy, if this sounds like something that you’d like to have in your language, come and ask us!

New Leaderboard Build

Last but not least, the current leaderboard will end on March 18th at 12am UTC, with the new leaderboard launching immediately thereafter. With the new leaderboard, instead of converting between Souls and $ANIMA Airdrop Points, $ANIMA can now be earned DIRECTLY by winning matches. $ANIMA is our win-to-earn token that is used for enhancing your NFT assets. Please note that $ANIMA will only be claimable with the launch of S3.

We’ll have more announcements on the 18th to go along with the new leaderboard. Keep an 👁️ out!

— — —

That’s all for now! Once again, we’re really grateful to have a community that loves Apeiron so much, and we’re also glad to witness the rapid growth of our precious community. If you haven’t joined us yet, come to our official Discord and meet other doods! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news!

As always, thanks for reading! See ya next time, godlings!

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Apeiron is the world’s first god game x roguelite x battle arena. Rule over planets full of adorable doods, dive into dangerous dungeons, and battle against other players using powerful Avatars. As a newborn god, will you walk the path of good…or evil? Determine the fate of the godiverse in this epic new adventure. Download and play now for free on the Epic Games Store.

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