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5 min readApr 10, 2024


Hello doods, over the past weekend we’ve witnessed a motley crew of top Apeiron players intensely competing in the Nova Tournament Western Conference! Today’s blog’s going to be a report of the event. We’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who participated in the tournament, hope y’all enjoyed the fun!

We also held a web3 event booth last Sunday. It’s always a pleasure to introduce Apeiron to new doods, and we have some pics and deets about the event to share~

But first of all, let’s do some quick announcements:

  • The Nova Tournament Eastern Conference starts tomorrow, from April 11–13, 11AM to 2:45 PM UTC. You can watch the livestream on our official Apeiron Twitch channel.
  • The FE shop on our official Discord will be removing mBH and Steam gift cards, while adding Apostle Tickets and Golden Apostle Tickets to the stock in the future. Check Discord for more details!

Alright doods, are you ready to hear about a rumble? Let’s start with our Nova West Battle Report!

Nova West Report

The Nova Tournament West Conference has successfully concluded! From April 5th to April 7th we had three days of scrambling and rambling, and after all the electrifying matches showcasing the peak gaming skills of our Apeiron KOLs, let’s congratulate all the winners!

Here’s the full placements for the tournament:

1st place: @Ralo

2nd place: @1ogic

3rd place: @Elijah

4th place: @Sarraf

5th place: @Rojan

5th place: @Orangie

7th place: @akaNemsko

7th place: @Brycent

9th place: @RobinSongz

9th place: @RDULive

For this Western Conference we’re distributing a total of $15,000 prize pool based on placing. Once again, congratulations to all of the participants!

During the event, there were hundreds of doods watching our livestreams with us, peaking at 1,644 live concurrents. Around 120 doods were chanting for their favorite KOLs and discussing the games in the Twitch live chat too. Our Overseers are thrilled to see everyone so excited by the tournament and can’t wait for the upcoming Eastern Conference livestreams!

We have a 5-minute montage right here for you:

And for those of you doods who want some textual healing, here’s some highlights from the event:

On day 1, Nemsko was on the ropes battling against RobinSongz, losing to her opponent in round 1. However, just as the Inferno Wisdom Avatar she was playing, her burning passion for victory knows no bounds. And so, even when RobinSongz tried to control the fierce fire with the Gigas Wisdom’s powerful control skills, Nemsko burned her opponent to the ground for a tremendous comeback win!

On day 3 during the Winners Semi-Finals, 1ogic was matched against Elijah and lost the first round in a 0–2 stomp. In round 2, both of them were dealing a lot of damage to each other, and their health went down bit by bit after 1ogic’s Delta and Elijah’s Karst traded evenly. But as the safety zone continued to shrink,1ogic placed a Cold Water Ritual to limit his opponent’s space and then successfully stunned Elijah with a quick Zip Zap Orbs. Pressing the advantage with Gustwing Unbound, 1ogic came back to seize victory.

Last but not least, we have to talk about the Grand FInals! Both Ralo and 1ogic chose Tempest Wisdom Avatar as their trump gods. As the battle got underway, 1ogic got off to an early lead, taking the first round. Then, in both round 2 and 3 Ralo’s health was immediately cut down to one-third by 1ogic’s forceful attacks. Luckily, with the help of Tailwind Dash and Switcharoo’ing with his Mage Apostle, he was able to dance around the battlefield, showing true mastery of Air and giving him the momentum he needed to secure the championship. Never give up, never surrender!

We spoke to Ralo briefly after the powers of the wind swept him to victory:

Foonie Magus: Congrats Ralo! How was the tournament?

Ralo: The matches were very intense! My blood was pumping for sure, you never know if you’re about to lose or about to win in these games cause the skill level is so high.

Foonie Magus: Anything you’d like to say to our fans after the games?

Ralo: Apeiron is my life changing game experience for sure. Ever since I started playing it I feel different. It occupies a special part of my heart and I’m loving the grind so far. Many more good things to come as well I’m sure. Time to wait and see what Apeiron can offer! For now, I’m having a blast!

Thanks Ralo! It warms the cockles of our doody hearts to hear and see the passion of Ralo and the other competitors. But we’re not done yet! A reminder that the Nova Tournament East Conference is starting TOMORROW, from April 11 to 13, 11AM to 2:45 PM UTC. Don’t forget to tune in!

Web3 event

Last Sunday, Foonie Magus opened a booth in Soho House, Central, Hong Kong, promoting Apeiron in a local web3 event from 12:30pm to 8:00pm. The event was a great success, with over 500 people visiting our booth and trying out Apeiron PvP! Here’s some snaps from the event:

Photos of dood plushie winners

During the event, we challenged the visitors to beat 2 players consecutively in our PvP mode, and if they won, they’ll get a dood plushie as a prize. People from different web3 projects came in and tried out our game, with 24 plushies given out to the winners by the end of the day.

Additionally, we set up a large screen for people to watch our PvP demo gameplay. Frank Cheng, Apeiron CEO and LoreKeeper, was round and about chatting with fans and participating in talks, repping Apeiron to Hong Kong and the world! You love to see it. Overall, it was a fun weekend web3 festival that has us hyped up to keep the Apeiron train rollin’ on.

It’s been a refreshing week for us, seeing all these doods enjoying the fruits of our labors. As Magis the God of Organized Play would say, in competition we ignite our spirit and discover our potential!

We hope all our participants, audiences, and players had a good time in the games and events. We’ve got plenty more coming! Stay tuned with us: join our Discord and follow us on Twitter so that you won’t miss out on any Apeiron news.

And as always, see ya later, godling~

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