The Apeiron Battle Arena Beginners Guide

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Hey! New to Apeiron? Welcome! This is a beginner’s guide we’ve put together for the latest version of the game (as of April 2024). We’ll cover the basics to get you started on your own Apeiron adventure~

Heads up we have a tournament coming up soon: The Nova West Tournament! It’s an invitational tournament showing off some high-level PvP gameplay from some of your favorite KOLs, beginning April 4th. If you want to learn more about it, read here.

Also, if you’re interested in learning how to play Apeiron from an expert, we have weekly coaching sessions in our Discord on Mondays and Tuesday at 2pm UTC. Once you’re on our Discord server, click here to find out more.

What is Apeiron?

Apeiron is a lot of things! We’re a very ambitious game. Basically, in Apeiron, you are a Godling (a newborn god) and you summon a Planetary Avatar to control in battle. You’re helped in battle by dood Apostles — little yellow creatures who worship you.

When fully released, Apeiron will have a roguelite dungeon mode, a god simulation mode, a PvP battle arena mode, and a galactic guild war mode.

At the moment, only the PvP battle arena mode is available.

Watch out for our upcoming S3 release, which will launch with an updated roguelite dungeon and new story to explore! But for now, jump into our PvP mode, the Apeiron Battle Arena.

Build a team with your Planetary Avatar and dood Apostle NFTs to trade, play, and earn in-game tokens such as $ANIMA and $APRS.

Where can I download the game?

Download the latest version from Epic Games Store, the Mavis Hub, or the Apeiron Marketplace.

How can I start to earn?

Players can earn $ANIMA and $APRS tokens through playing Apeiron.

$ANIMA is our win-to-earn token. It is mainly for NFT enhancement, which can make your characters in the game stronger. It can be topped-up to the game as Animus in the forthcoming Apeiron top-up store.

$APRS is our tradeable ecosystem token, primarily used for NFT creation and thereby expanding your Apeiron collection. It can be staked through our Expedition system.

–> Get $ANIMA simply by playing the game.

–> Get $APRS by rising through the ranks and making it onto the seasonal leaderboard.

$APRS is currently tradable on Bybit and the Ronin Katana DEX. Read more about our token launch here.

Please note that the official $APRS blockchain addresses are as follows:





What do I need to do to play?

Nothing! You can play the game for free. Just download and install and you’re good to go.

Our current patch gives ALL players access to five different Planetary Avatars with unique mixes of the four elements (Water, Earth, Fire and Air) and eight dood Apostles of different combat classes to try out.

The elements correspond to different abilities on the battlefield. Water is the element of balance, being able to play offensively or defensively. Earth is the element of outlasting, being able to grind out victories. Fire is the element of blazing attack, being able to open with ferocious assaults. And Air is the element of movement, being able to bob and weave around the battlefield with ease.

If you like the game, consider getting your own Planet or Apostle NFTs.

What are Planet NFTs?

Planets in the Apeiron universe each have their own unique Avatar, which you control in battle.

Planets are divided into types depending on their elemental distribution.

Quad Planets have some mix of all four elements. They are the most common and weakest Planet type.

Tri Planets have a mix of three elements. They are of uncommon rarity, varying in power.

Duo Planets have a mix of two elements. They are rare and can have access to powerful skills.

Pure Planets have just one element. They are extremely rare and very powerful.

If you own two Planets, you can actually start breeding more. Interested in Planets, breeding, and the Apeiron NFT ecosystem? Read all about it here.

You can buy your own Planet here.

What are Apostles NFTs?

Apostle dood NFTs are the characters who will accompany you in battle. Apostles are split among six classes: Mage, Guardian, Hunter, Priest, and Warrior. Each Apostle comes with its own skills and IV — a number that determines how strong it is.

The more Apostles you have, the more options you have for building your perfect team.

You can buy an Apostle here, or consider joining community activities to get Apostle Tickets, which can be claimed to get Apostles.


This is just a bare-bone guide to Apeiron’s latest PvP. You’ll find that the more you play, the easier it becomes to navigate. TRUST THE PROCESS.

That’s about it! We hope this beginners guide will kickstart you on your journey into the world of Apeiron. If you have any more doubts and questions we have a detailed Apeiron WhitePaper available for you.

Or feel free to head over to our vibrant Discord community, where many expert doods or one of our Overseers will be more than happy to help! Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on our Twitter for the most updated news!

See ya next time doods!

About Apeiron

Apeiron is the world’s first god game x roguelite x battle arena. Rule over planets full of adorable doods, dive into dangerous dungeons, and battle against other players using powerful Avatars. As a newborn god, will you walk the path of good…or evil? Determine the fate of the godiverse in this epic new adventure. Download and play now for free on the Epic Games Store.

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