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Hello Doods! Today, we’re talking business: in this article we’re going to go through all the details of the long anticipated $APRS Token Generation Event (TGE)! This is a big moment in the history of Apeiron — one of the biggest moments — and we’re thrilled to finally be able to give you the details.

Before we get into the details here’s the TL:DR:

The $APRS TGE will go live on Bybit on March 26th 9am UTC and March 27th 9am UTC on Katana. For the first time, $APRS will be publicly tradeable.

Alright, let’s roll on into the details:

Basic Info

We’re finally launching our premium ecosystem token $APRS to the public! Users will be able to buy, sell, and trade $APRS on Bybit, a tier one centralized exchange, and on Katana, Ronin’s very own decentralized exchange.

We want to make sure everyone is well equipped for the $APRS’s launch on March 26th, so we’ll be first providing you guys with some basic info on terminologies, and then more details down below.

Centralized Exchange (CEX)

A CEX is an online trading platform that allows you to buy, sell, and swap crypto assets. It’s owned and operated by a private company (e.g. Bybit, Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc.). Most CEX will require users to sign up and open an account to participate, and a majority of CEXs demand Know-your-Customer / Anti-Money Laundering (KYC/AML) ID verification to trade.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

A DEX is a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace where users can trade crypto as well as other digital assets. Think of it as a set of blockchain-based smart contracts that facilitate the exchange of tokens directly on the blockchain without the need of an intermediary.

Recap of $APRS utilities

$APRS is used for expanding the ecosystem of Apeiron NFTs. It is a key component of Celestial Conjunction (Planet Breeding), and also used in Apostle and Relic minting and for staking Expeditions. It can also be used to pay for Orbital Renting to gain an aging bonus for your Planets. Basically, in order to create Apeiron NFTs, $APRS is essential.

Additionally, in the forthcoming Apeiron Top-up Store, $APRS will be able to be exchanged into our game as Aperium. Aperium will be used to purchase seasonal Battle Passes, unlock more inventory spaces, and train our in-game DoodGPT NPC AI system. Aperium will also be used as currency in the Premium Gacha and Aperium Shop (coming soon).

Read more about $APRS on our Whitepaper here.

$APRS on Bybit

Since 2018, Bybit has aimed to revolutionize traditional finances and serve as the Crypto ARK for the web3 ecosystem. In just three years since their launch, they surpassed a daily trading volume of 70 billion USD and evolved into a comprehensive crypto exchange with diversified offerings. It is with great excitement that we announce Bybit as our $APRS launch partner!

Before the token listing occurs, a Launchpool staking event will be held for participants interested in staking $APRS, $USDT or $BTC to earn additional $APRS. The launchpool will begin at 8am UTC on March 26th and run until April 11th 9am UTC.

The token listing itself will be March 26th 9am UTC.

Additionally, there will be a special Apeiron x Bybit $APRS Airdrop event, details to be announced soon.

$APRS on Katana

We are also set to launch $APRS on Katana! For those wondering, Katana is a decentralized exchange on the Ronin blockchain, a leading cryptocurrency trading exchange that offers a diverse selection of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

The $APRS and $RON pair on Katana will be going live on March 27th at 9am UTC. Once this launches, users will be able to trade between $APRS and $RON (i.e. buy $APRS using $RON and vice-versa, sell $APRS to $RON). Users will also be able to provide liquidity on Katana to earn fees from transactions.

More about Katana.


  1. What is the initial supply of $APRS for the TGE?

The initial unlocked market cap is 103M $APRS. Please refer to the chart above for a detailed breakdown.

  1. How to trade on Bybit?

Step by step guide: Here

2. How to trade on Katana

Step by step guide: Here

3. Will Bybit support $APRS token deposit and withdrawal from the Ronin chain?

Bybit only supports Ethereum (ETH) at the moment. Users will need to bridge $APRS between Ethererum and Ronin via

4. In the Bybit launchpool, which token will be supported for launchpool staking $APRS tokens?

$APRS, $USDT, and $BTC

Our Future Vision

Before we sign off, we have a message from our leader, Frank Cheng aka LoreKeeper, Foonie Magus co-founder and CEO:

“I have worked on Apeiron for 8 years: this is the game that I want to dedicate the remainder of my life to. When I started Apeiron, it was my dream, but I’ve realized now that it’s no longer just my dream, but the dream of our entire team of over 88 full time devs, half of which have spent 5+ years here with me seeking to innovate and make our mark in the gaming industry. This token launch and the coming mobile beta are the culmination of 5 years of prototyping and 3 years of production by a team of passionate and dedicated Foonie Magi. Yet this is only the beginning of the real journey ahead; what you doods are witnessing now is but the tip of an iceberg. The full launch of Apeiron in its entirety, with God Game Simulation and Galactic Guild Wars will soon come. We will continue to grow and we will never cease our work, not until our dream becomes reality, not until the day Apeiron becomes a fully-fledged franchise with animations, story books and a ton more merchandise, not until the day Apeiron becomes the ultimate gaming experience that bridges web3 and web2. You will not see us developing a chain or platform or anything that deviates us from this path. We are laser focused, committed to Apeiron. And with the help of our community, and the greater Ronin family, we will usher in a whole new era of gaming!”

Frank Cheng

Foonie Magus, CEO

— — — — —

Watch out for more details from our Discord! And also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news! Big events are coming up. Can’t stress that enough. Get ready doods!

And as always, thanks for reading. See ya next time, godlings!

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