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Against The Tide: Embedding Engagement Into Banking (#42)
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2 min readApr 15, 2021

Today we host Neri Tollardo, Tinkoff’s Vice President of Strategy. In this episode, we discuss about Tinkoff’s entrepreneurial spirit (which has no hierarchy or bureaucracy, and this is something that they plan on maintaining as they scale), about the difference between creating an ecosystem as opposed to a conglomerate of different goods and services, how Tinkoff has managed to create insane customer engagement compared to most banks by combining their content with their technology, and more. Before joining Tinkoff, Neri was a top ranked sell-side research analyst at Morgan Stanley. Enjoy the episode!

In recent years, it has become a trend to call yourself a tech company, even if you are anything but. However, Tinkoff is one of the world’s largest and most profitable independent digital banks, and they really walk the talk when it comes to being a technology company. In 2006, Tinkoff started out as a branchless credit card issuer in Russia, and it now offers a current accounts, tax support for businesses, lending, and a range of other products and services through a super app that any Western bank would envy.

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We are the bank acquirer. We are the payment service provider. We are the payment gateway and we have our own aggregator, so we can offer the entire suite all developed in-house.

Main topics discussed:

[00:03:52] Entering the Russian financial market

[00:11:34] Tinkoff Business Model and customer engagement strategies

[00:21:09] Tinkoff business strategy and customer journey

[00:32:16] Branding: bank vs technology company

[00:35:24] No-hierarchy, no-bureaucracy culture

[00:39:19] A different value proposition than other digital banks

[00:47:35] Runway for growth within the domestic and overseas market

[00:53:43] M&A

[00:55:23] Favorite book, influencer, brand and a productivity hack

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