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Real-estate rebound post-COVID (#40)

What is the future of our cities? During the pandemic, places like London have seen an exodus of people who can work from anywhere. What is the future of office space? Is co-working going to continue? We dive into these questions with guest Zsolt Kohalmi, global head of real estate and co-CEO of Pictet Alternative Advisors. We also cover the future of retail and whether the pandemic plus Amazon has permanently closed a lot of our favorite shops and what’s going to become of these spaces. We discuss real estate: is it going to become more environmentally friendly? Will technology become more embedded into our urban infrastructure?
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2 min readMar 26, 2021


Zsolt earned his MBA at INSEAD and he speaks nine languages. This is such an interesting conversation and if you like the interview that we have here on this show, then you will likely enjoy Pictet’s podcast “Found in Conversation” where they interview leading experts on how we can improve the modern world.

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Almost 50% of the total carbon emissions of a building happened during the time of construction. And so the opportunity for us is definitely in creating better buildings, mostly from the existing buildings we have and then growing the lettable area.

Main topics discussed:

[00:01:47] The urbanization trend

[00:05:59] Healthcare metrics as a decision factor

[00:16:12] Return to physical offices and co-working spaces

[00:25:05] Acceleration of e-commerce

[00:28:43] The environmental dilema with real estate

[00:37:55] Demographic composition of cities

[00:42:54] Benefits of the Internet of Things for real estate

[00:50:18] The tokenization of real estate

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