Apex Launcher v3.2.0 Released

Apex Launcher v3.2.0 is now available in Google Play.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Added Pixel Launcher style folder preview
  • Added Google Now (Jellybean+) and Assistant (Marshmallow+) Apex actions
  • New Apex Action icons
  • New quick search bar widget style
  • New shortcut (a.k.a. quick actions) menu style and animation
  • Support larger aspect ratio screens on new flagship devices (e.g., Samsung Galaxy S8)
  • Fixed drawer and folder animation bug
  • Fixed recent apps Apex action in Nougat
  • Added round app icon for Nougat
  • Other bug fixes and optimizations
  • Updated translations

Hope you will enjoy the new Apex Launcher! Let us know how you like it on Facebook and Twitter!

For feature requests, please visit our UserVoice and Google+ community.

For bug reporting, please contact support@apexlauncher.com.

For future beta testing, please join our Google+ community with the same Google account you use for Google Play.

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