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We are glad to announce the Initial Mainnet Technology Launch — which means that the APEX Network blockchain’s infrastructure, technology, and code are Mainnet-ready and have entered Phase 1 of APEX Network Mainnet, the phase in which preparations for token swap and transition of the CPX ledger from NEP-5 to APEX Network will take place.

Yesterday the network was upgraded to include the latest code upgrades and the ledger was reset, starting fresh from our mainnet Genesis block. As has already been the case with the testnet for quite some time, the network is running stable without issues, and has proven able to handle a heavy load without problems (currently tested to approximately 9,3k TPS). At the same time the explorer visuals have been upgraded to provide a more refined and professional look, further optimizations to follow in due time.

APEX Network Block Explorer

The purpose of Phase 1 of APEX Network Mainnet is to provide a period of flexibility for ecosystem growth, continuous upgrades (e.g. new features for the VM), new integrations (e.g. hardware wallet integration), and further exploration of new liquidity channels/platforms before the ledger gets replicated and tokens get swapped from NEP-5 to the APEX Network mainnet.

Here’s what to expect during Phase 1

Further details regarding Phase 1

  • Desktop Client functionality will include: Trust node (make it broadcast your transactions), switching between light node and full node mode, wallet selection, wallet creation , import wallet, transfer, vote, etc.
  • Our virtual machine is fully compatible with the Solidity language, so community and enterprise developers can use Ethereum smart contracts directly on the APEX blockchain. The community can develop any applications that they seem fit, as an enterprise-ready blockchain can pretty much be used for other general purpose apps as well. The game (explained further down below) that will be developed in-house is an example of something that the community (not related to enterprise) can parttake in.
  • Supernode Selections: We will first identify around 10 suitable supernode candidates/partners in Phase 1 that have the capabilities as well as the CPX, and then add on a second batch in phase 2. Around 5 will be selected in Phase 1 via community voting.

Further details regarding Phase 2

  • Enterprise Pilot Program: There are over 5 enterprises that have already passed the pilot stage and plan to develop applications on the mainnet, either purely on mainnet or in combination with sidechains and/or a private chain component. We will naturally only disclose names when we have 100% consent from the enterprise user — what I can say for now we have a carbon asset company called “Treasure Carbon” looking to bring carbon assets and associated applications onto the blockchain, a leading budget airline in China looking to bring its reward points on-chain, and a China-based electric car company wanting to develop a blockchain-based IoT user data storage on the blockchain.
  • Staking will be available before the tokenswap as the desktop client will already be released before then. As for staking rewards, these will be distributed in a different frequency and format prior to the token swap, while after token swap rewards will be automatic.
  • Data Nodes will be live around or before October
  • Initial dApp Launches: The scope of “enterprises” may be broadened by then to tech startups. The goal is 5 live apps by the end of the year.


To test drive the scalability of the main network as well as provide the community with a fun surprise, the APEX Network development team decided create the first in-house baked dApp as a skill + luck-based game that will create another engaging utility channel for CPX as well.

Look out for the announcement regarding this game in the coming week or two!

Best Regards,

APEX Core Development

APEX Network



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