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APEX Network — Pre Mainnet Development Progress Update

We are close!

Optimizing the block explorer and web wallet

As most of you have noticed, the first version of our block explorer was recently launched, and generally well received by the community. Upon its launch we mentioned that we were working on integrating the voting feature to elect block producers, and this work has now been completed. The web wallet we have integrated in the block explorer now supports voting and redemption of votes for block producers, and the transaction details for such voting will be accessable through the transaction details option. We have also been performing some upgrades of the explorer’s backend service, which is the cause for intermittent service disruptions recently. On the esthetic side of things, we finally found time to tone down the initial moony skin, making its appearance more sleek and professional.

Upgrading the CLI, additional features

The APEX blockchain CLI tool enables the user to conduct transactions and issue a wide variety of commands for smart contracts. Detailed updated documentation for the CLI has now been uploaded to GitHub at the following address:

Dynamic Blockchain Expansion

One major change we have been working on is optimizing the characteristics of the dynamic expansion function of the blockchain, for which the most current version is found in the Proposal section of the CLI commands. To put it simply, this functionality allows for the block producers to change certain parameters of the block consensus to optimize the network without causing hard forks or having to manually update each node to the new state.

Stability improvements, bug squashing & fast synchronization

The past two months of testing after the launch of phase 2 of the testnet has brought significant stability improvements to the network. We found a bug in a voting contract which could have potentially caused the blockchain to stall due to the backend not being able to catch a certain exception — this issue has now been rectified and has been working smoothly since. No other major issues have been encountered.

Final words

We are looking very much forward to launching our initial mainnet, marking the completion of one of the most significant milestones of any project. During the development phase we have been studying other blockchains to assess the most important features and vulnerabilities, all the while comparing the solutions proposed by others to our goal of creating a blockchain tailor made for the needs of B2C enterprises. A mainnet is nothing without customers using it of course, and while we continue further development of the underlying tech with elements such as encapsulation of the blockchain services to create a «plug and play» solution for enterprises, we will also shift focus towards the actual integration of our target customers. Our gratitude goes out to all those who follow our efforts — we believe you will be as pleased as us to watch the evolution of the ecosystem in the months and years ahead!

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