APEX Releases KRATOS One — Multi-wave early node incentives

Dear APEX Community,

It’s been over 2 weeks since we released the APEX Node Ecosystem Preliminary Overview paper and have received overwhelming positive feedback from the community, strategic investors, partners, and our enterprise ecosystem.

As an initiative to kickstart the very beginning of what will become one of the most prominent node programs in the wider cryptosphere, as well as to start rewarding strong supporters of APEX Network bit by bit before the APEX Special Node Programs start taking effect in Q4 and before mainnet — today we are glad to announce KRATOS One, a prelude program to Special Node Programs APEXION and KRATOS, which is outlined in the paper (refer to link above for more details).

KRATOS One consists of a series of 3 rewards (Waves 1,2,3) spread across a period of 4 months (July to October) that will occur at variable points in time with variable reward sizes and terms. Each wave will be announced at most one week in advance and at least 6 hours in advance. CPX holders that qualify for Voternode tiers Genesis, T1, and T2 can qualify for KRATOS One, given particular instructions for each wave are followed.

KRATOS One, a prelude program to Special Node Programs APEXION and KRATOS


  • On Wednesday July 18, 2018 8PM Beijing Time, a snapshot will be taken of all CPX balances.
  • Those that fall into Voternode tiers Genesis, T1, and T2 at that point in time will qualify for the following rewards:
    - T2: 700 CPX
    - T1: 3000 CPX
    - Genesis: 8000 CPX
  • One week later from July 18, there will be a form released to claim the reward, which requires proof of a balance on the day of form submission that qualifies in the same Voternode tier as day of snapshot. There may be additional information that is collected for purposes of research and intel. Those who fall into T2 category will require an additional KYC step (to insure reward qualification integrity).
  • Rewards will be distributed within 5 business days.

Cheers and Happy Hunting,

Jimmy Hu,
Founder & CEO
APEX Network